Huawei P9 Review – A Top-Class Phone You Probably Won’t Buy

Huawei P9

Right from the first looks, you will tell that Huawei P9 is a classy phone. Built by the ever-growing Huawei Company from China, the phone brings to the fold the best from China, something that betters the Nexus 6P and the even sleeker Huawei Mate 8.

But the question is how much do you know about Huawei phones? Well, probably little to none. Regardless of what you know about the Chinese OEM, the Huawei P9 is something else. The device continues the company’s impressive line of products that have propelled it to third position behind Apple and Samsung when it comes to global smartphone shipping.

Despite all the goodies that the P9 comes with, it has one major downside – it is not available for purchase in the United States. Just to let you know, here is exactly what you’ll be missing as far as the Huawei P9 is concerned.

Premium design

Although not beautiful, the Huawei P9 is, without a doubt, a premium-built smartphone. For starters, the phone has a very slim body made of aluminum and glass and noticeable chamfered edges. Even though glass and metal are in play, you won’t be getting something similar to the magnificent Samsung Galaxy S7. But truth be told, the P9 looks like a twin to the current high-end Android devices.

The phone has a 5.2-inch display size, but it still comes with one of the narrowest bodies for phones with more than 5 inches of screen display. This makes it very comfortable to hold in one hand, even for those with smaller hands.

The phone has a fingerprint sensor placed on the rear where the forefinger will naturally rest. This makes it a lot easier to access and use it. To add on that, it’s very fast, even faster than the sensors on the Galaxy S7.


Huawei P9 Plus

A smarter camera

LG G5 debuted with a dual-lens camera system that saw two sensors of 16MP and 8MP installed on the rear of the phone. However, the Huawei P9 takes this to the next level, going ahead to include two sensors of the same quality on the rear snapper to complete the dual-camera setup. However, one sensor is full color while the other is monochrome. The dual-camera setup promises brighter, sharper photos even when in poor lighting conditions, but they won’t be the best when compared to the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7 and HTC 10.

Still, you will be able to capture better wide-aperture photos using the Huawei P9, something that can’t be matched by any of the current flagships’ cameras. The camera further adds the ability to adjust the focus as well as effective aperture to some degree. In essence, the P9 has a good camera, but it’s not the best out there.

Great functionality

Smartphones are no longer mere phones, instead, they are powerful computers that can easily fit into our pockets. The Huawei P9 is no different – it’s fast, reliable and very easy to use.

Being a flagship smartphone from Huawei, the P9 packs the best hardware on offer from the company. Huawei relies on its own line of production when it comes to smartphone processors. As a result, the Huawei P9 packs a HiSilicon Kirin 955 SoC that can manage maximum speeds of up to 2.5GHz and is backed by a RAM of 4GB. With this kind of specs, the P9 is plenty fast when playing games, switching between apps and even for productivity purposes. You won’t notice any significant difference with other Android flagships.

Huawei P9

To keep the 5.2-inch 1080p screen powered for longer hours, the phone packs a 3000mAh battery unit, which is kind of the standard size for all smartphones in the same screen size category.

The Huawei P9 is a cool device with perhaps one of the best designs, features, and camera for that matter. However, it lacks some form of uniqueness that will make one want to pay the $640 price tag slammed on it. Maybe the phone will appeal to the market that is after a slimmer device, but as mentioned earlier, the phone is not available for purchase in the U.S. just yet

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