BlackBerry Priv – 5 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

BlackBerry Priv

Do you own a BlackBerry Priv? Well, if you do, you are at the right place and at the right moment. This Priv happens to BlackBerry’s first Android-powered phone and for many BB enthusiasts, it must have been a quite a mountain to get used to the new platform.

If you currently own a BlackBerry Priv, here are some tips and tricks you could learn and use in order to get the most out of this device.

Choose how to unlock the Priv

Locking and unlocking smartphone screens can sometimes be cumbersome, especially the latter. The BlackBerry Priv has cool solutions for you in the form of Smart Lock. Just head to Settings>Security>Smart Lock and provide a password, pattern or PIN code. Tap on “Next” and choose the unlocking rules you wish applied on your Priv from the various options available.

Quickly unlock the phone

If you ever wanted to quickly unlock your BlackBerry Priv, there is a very quick way of doing it. Simply press and hold the space bar on the phone’s physical keyboard and that’s it! You will see the lock screen slide up, but keep in mind that this trick will only work when Smart Lock is enabled.

Regardless of the option you choose on Smart Lock, this trick will work.

Lift to wake

In addition to mentioned Smart Lock shortcuts, it is also possible to have your Priv unlocked without pressing any button or key. The “Lift to Wake” feature will completely unlock the phone and take you to the home screen before you can start keying in. To enable this feature, go to Settings>Display>Lift to Wake and toggle it on.

BlackBerry Priv

Set keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to access apps and execute certain actions in a quick and hassle-free manner. While on the home screen, just long-press any key on the physical keyboard and a menu of Shortcuts will pop up. Go ahead and tap on the app or action you wish to use the key for and the next time you long-press this key, the app or action you set will be executed.

Hidden BlackBerry Hub shortcuts

The BlackBerry Hub on the Priv also hides some nifty shortcuts that could help make your life with the phone a lot easier. For instance, just press C and you will see a new message box show up. Tapping on U will take you to the next unread message while S will let you search the list of messages. However, remember that these shortcuts, for instance, will only work when viewing the message list.

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