Huawei Sues Samsung for Violation of Mobile and Networks Patents

Huawei sues Samsung over patents

Huawei and Samsung are two of the top selling companies as far as smartphones are concerned. While Samsung leads the race, Huawei has been doing well in the recent past as it sits comfortably in the third position, a few yards behind Apple.

As it has been with the case of Apple and Samsung with respect to patents of various products, Huawei’s rise to the top has begun giving the Chinese OEM more power to go against the major players in the industry. At the time of this writing, the two Asian tech powerhouses are locked in a court case filed by Huawei with respect to Samsung’s infringement of at least 4 mobile patents and up to 8 networking patents.

Huawei came to prominence thanks to its works in the manufacturing of networking equipment as well as cheap, high-end smartphones – an exercise it buried up to $9 billion worth of research and development in 2015 just to make sure it is where it currently sits. This is a huge amount to be paid by a company on R&D, in fact, it is the highest a Chinese OEM has ever spent on the same.

According to Huawei, it wants to be properly compensated by Samsung Electronics with respect to the infringements, but there is no exactness in the figure the company is demanding from Samsung. Apparently, Huawei has several other cross-licensing agreements with many other companies and it is paid quite handsomely for the same each year. As it seems, Samsung hasn’t been doing so adequately.

Samsung and Huawei

Up until now, Samsung has remained silent on the matter. However, it has responded to the court case, saying that it will be looking into the matter in an effort to take appropriate action to keep the company’s name clean and business interests safe.

During the first quarter of 2016, Samsung topped the list of best-selling smartphone companies by accounting for 24.5% of the entire market. The second position, as noted earlier, was occupied by Apple with 15.3% while the third was Huawei with 8.2%. The Chinese OEM is hopeful that the new Huawei P9 and P9 Plus will play a huge role in pushing the company’s market share up the scale as it chases the to topple Apple and Samsung in global smartphone sales’ rankings.

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