Samsung May Unveil Dual-Edge Galaxy Note 7 Instead of Galaxy Note 6

Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge and Note 5

As the world eagerly awaits for a Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to be unveiled in a few months’ time, it seems the Korean tech giant has other ideas on the table.

In a bid to match the conventional naming of the Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series, the company wants to skip the Note 6 and instead come in with a dual-edge Samsung Galaxy Note 7. With the release of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge as the 2016 flagships, some people might feel that the Note 6 is an older model as it doesn’t correspond with the S series’ naming.

Last year saw the company come in with a Galaxy S6 Edge+ model alongside the Galaxy Note 5. This drew some confusion as the two had overlapping functionality, but the funny thing was that the curved edge S6 Edge+ was the only phablet sold in Europe, with the Note 5 staying in other markets.

To clear the air of confusion and controversy, Samsung is reportedly planning to release a Galaxy Note 7 in order to sync the numbering with the Galaxy S series while at the same time blend the curved Edge+ and the Note to come in with a dual-edge Note model. With the Galaxy S7 Edge reportedly selling more than the standard Galaxy S7, it seems the Korean company has identified dual-edge display panels as their main selling point. As a result, it makes total sense to see rumors pointing towards a device that will bring in the dual-edge functionality without using the Edge moniker.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge happens to be the top-end model of the Galaxy S7 series. The same story is expected to repeat when the Galaxy S8 series is unleashed next year, with the dual-edge model now becoming the flagship model.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 production to begin in July

According to reports by ET News, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will start production this coming July, meaning that it is possible to see an early release for the phablet as compared to last year’s Note 5. The same channel also claims that the Note 7 will feature a curved design on both the front and back panels, ensuring that holding in one hand is as easy as possible.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rumors

Samsung is reportedly planning to shift from the September-October launch dates for its Galaxy Note series and leave the timeframe to Apple. We have seen early releases for the S7 series before, so why not the Note series, especially given that last year’s timeframe was even earlier than any of the previous releases.

From a marketing standpoint, the change in name could be a game changer for Samsung. We have seen it happen with the likes of BlackBerry OS and Windows OS, but as you can see, these are mainly software related. Still, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would be in a richer position to go against the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus.

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