Huge Plus Variant of iPhone 7 – Apple Leaks Point to a Bigger RAM for the Pro Variant

Apple iPhone 7

New leaks suggest that there will be an iPhone 7 Plus, which will be the gigantic version of the iPhone 7.

There is always a lot of anticipation with fervor among fans for the release of a new iPhone. There has been plenty of speculation and rumors with regard to the upcoming iPhone 7.

Rumors and Specs on iPhone 7

A lot of rumors claimed that the new iPhone 7 might not come with the headphone jack. This is because Apple will then be able to sell the adapter and its own headphones. This will be a great way to use the acquisition of Beats By Dre.

Leaks on the iPhone 7 Plus

However, the latest leaks are not to do with the iPhone 7, but rather the iPhone 7 Plus. When the iPhone 6 was to be released, there were insider claims regarding a Pro version or a Plus version of the device. The same is the case now prior to the release of the iPhone 7. The Plus version is expected to be the larger variant of the standard iPhone 7.

Video from Unbox Therapy

The leak comes in the form of one video offered by Unbox Therapy. Forbes also echoes many of the details in its information. Unbox Therapy is a YouTuber showing the mockup received by him. It offers many rumored features, namely a dual lens in the camera at the back, the Smart Connector and the antenna that runs all along the phone ridges. The lack of a headphone jack is another feature that it presents. In addition, the phone will be in blue and this is probably the first time Apple is offering this particular blue shade.

iPhone 7

The video shows a mockup of the Plus version and offers an early peek into the unit. The dual lens system present on the Plus version will not make it to the standard version.

Boost of Memory

Another news from the Digitimes states that the new iPhone 7 will have a RAM of 3 GB, compared to the 2 GB of RAM seen in the iPhone 6s currently. The report, however, does not throw light on whether the additional RAM is available for the Plus model as well as the standard model.

Requirements of Advanced Camera

Apple is well known for its stinginess with regard to RAM and other such components.  The company has long been faithful to the storage of 16 GB. It stands to reason that Apple will add the pricier component of a higher RAM only to the pricier device. In addition, there are rumors regarding the camera on the Plus version and that it will require additional memory for operating as it is intended. Thus, it looks like the additional RAM will be available only for the Pus variant of the iPhone 7. Rumors of the company adding more RAM to one of their new models have been afloat for quite some time now.

Analyst, Ming Chi Kuohad indicated that the Pro version might come with a bigger RAM of 3 GB to meet the requirements of the advanced camera present in it.

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