Hyundai is Working on EV Platform for its Future Cars, Seoul Auto Expo Updates

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After launching the Grandeur Hybrid, Hyundai’s VP Lee Ki-Sang confirmed that the brand is working on creating a dedicated all-electric platform their future cars.

The Seoul motor show is underway now where all automobile manufacturers are showing off their latest and greatest cars, many of which are hybrids. Electric cars have obviously become the future as every company is working on launching at least one all-electric model in the next two years. Brands like Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche are aiming to bring in multiple cars, one in each segment powered by an electric motor.

Hyundai Working on EV Platform

Hyundai Motor is developing a dedicated architecture for electric cars. Once they successfully create the platform, the company will be able to launch multiple models with longer driving range. Finding the right amount of space to integrate the electric motor and the large battery is a practical problem for every brand. Hyundai’s compact EV should offer at least 186 miles on a single charge, as confirmed by Lee.

The senior Vice President predicts that at least 10 percent of the overall automobile market will be made up of electric cars by 2025. At present, it is at a mere 1 percent in global numbers which is expected to witness significant growth. However, things are growing much faster than anyone could have expected as hybrids are plenty in number. It won’t be long before hybrids are really by fully electric vehicles that also sport a significant share of autonomous technology.

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Instead of waiting for the new platform to be complete which might take another year or so, Hyundai in association with Kia has confirmed that the automobile brands will develop electric SUVs on existing platforms. Given the large size of SUVs, they might probably have enough space for the batteries to be mounted. Hyundai will also utilize the opportunity to check how lucrative the market is before getting into it big time with all-electric cars in different segment.

hyundai ioniq promo

The announcement that Hyundai is making an electric platform was made during an event as part of the Seoul motor show and other manufacturers are expected to follow suit to display concept models besides the EVs they have planned for launch at a later time. Competitors of Hyundai has already manufactured vehicles with high mile range including Volkswagen eGolf and Chevrolet Bolt EV. Tesla is coming up with Model 3 priced at $35,000 in two years and Hyundai has to come up with a car that competes with them all on equal terms.