Audi has Three Electric Vehicles Set for 2020, Aims at the Masses with Affordable Price Tag

Audi 2020

While Tesla has an expensive EV lineup, Audi tends to be different by focusing on the masses with affordable all-electric cars.

The company has planned to launch three different cars by 2020 and none of them are going to be super expensive.

Audi’s stint in the electric segment came to limelight during the 2017 Geneva motor show that took place this month. The first pure electric SUV will have a luxury character, revealed Rupert Stadler, the company’s chairman who was present during the motor show. Based on the interview, it is known that the upcoming large electric car will not be the brand’s most expensive SUV.


During his time spent with the media, the chairman confirmed that they don’t plan to release an EV that goes beyond the Audi Q8 flagship model. Trying to set a benchmark beyond the current flagship will not only increase its overall costs but is also tough to accomplish because it’s an all-electric EV. The experimentation might put off potential customers which is why the brand is going to take the known route while introducing electric engines to three different models to expand their existing lineup.

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The upcoming electric SUV will be produced in Brussels and is expected to be available in the marketplace as early as 2018. Stadler refused to comment on the pricing and specifications of the model because it is too early to talk about the same. When it is close to production, Audi will reveal all the necessary information so as to create hype for the three models including the anticipated SUV variant.

An actual name for the electric name is not finalized yet and Audi has a tradition of using Q series among other alphabets to name their models. Volkswagen has named it their I.D. series while Mercedes Benz calls it their EQ range and BMW is going pretty strong with the i series models. All these are electric vehicles and it may inspire Audi to come up with a name of their own.

Audi 2020

Tesla priced the Model X SUV with an expensive price tag that most buyers couldn’t afford. But, the same brand is coming up with the Model 3 sedan that’s priced at $35,000 and an affordable variant of the SUV is already being rumored. Audi’s three electric cars set for 2020 will be designed to cater to every buyer in different segments with varied sizes and price points.

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