Innofest 2018: LG Aims to Show How LG ThinQ AI Products Can Change Life

LG ThinQ Innofest 2018

The InnoFest 2018 is an annual event hosted by LG during which the company showcases their innovative ventures in the world of smartphones and other hardware appliances.

The ThinQ appliances are their big step this year and it holds a special place at InnoFest.

With a strong motto that says they have created a home that thinks about you, LG hosted the InnoFest event at Cape Town in South Africa and at Cannes, France. The event is now being held in different parts of Asia and will go on till April 25th.

Creating a Connected Home

Unlike other manufacturers, LG is not just a smartphone maker but rather has a strong presence in the home appliances department. It allows them to create smarter refrigerator, washing machine, speakers and televisions while creating the perfect IoT in a connected home. During the InnoFest, the representatives showcased that all their latest home appliances are fully compatible with AI assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Let Your Phone and Television Talk to Each Other

LG wants all the devices they manufacture to be customized according to the local market. Your television in Asia may not behave the same way as the one sold in the United States as customer expectations vary. The manufacturer didn’t miss the opportunity to showcase how their AI enabled ThinQ phone could work with the LG OLED television.

LG G7 ThinQ

When you have their products spread all over your house, you should easily be able to control volume, change channels with voice control. The same voice commands can be used to switch on your washing machine or change temperature of the air conditioners. The LG V30S ThinQ smartphone and smart speakers play a huge role in making this possible.

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LG ThinQ Makes Use of Three AI Technologies

LG is prepping to launch the G7 ThinQ, their flagship smartphone for 2018 which will use three different AI technologies, one designed for the camera, a voice AI assistant and smart app AI to find the apps you need at different items. The phone’s images were leaked on Twitter by Evan Blass recently and its design looks awesome.

The functionality of the smartphone and its pricing will determine its success in the highly competitive smartphone market. The phone has the Samsung Bixby button that users didn’t like but does have a premium build quality. The LG ThinQ is set for launch on May 2nd.

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