Instagram Adds AR Selfie Filters : Copycatting Snapchat

Instagram eraser rewind stories

 Instagram has added an AR, augmented reality, selfie filter for its app, which is a copycat to the Snapchat feature.

These are in the form of face filter features and they function in a way similar to the one on Snapchat.

Selfie Filters

The new selfie filters are eight in number and allow the user to add features like nerd glasses, koala ears, a butterfly like crown, a wrinkle smooth makeup and so on to the selfie pictures in photographs and in videos.

Instagram AR Selfie Filters

Ease of Use

The selfie filters are very easy to use and thankfully do not distort the original picture too much. However, the filters are not able to track the user movements and are unable to stay in proper position on the face, when compared to the feature in Snapchat.

Copycatting Snapchat

This feature for face filters is the last important feature from Snapchat that was not present on Instagram so far. Instagram has already copied other major features from Snapchat, namely, the format for slideshow sharing, the creative tools that are overlaid in the app, the disappearance of Direct messages and so on. There is not much difference between the Snapchat stories and the Instagram stories as such.

Hence, this feature will help Instagram increase the number of users on its platform. Instagram can add to the already existing 200 million users of Instagram stories daily, compared to the 166 million users of Snapchat users. This will also slow down the growth of Snapchat, which has already lost 25% of its value in the share prices, due to poor earnings during the last week.

Other Features

Instagram is rolling out the new face features along with three other features to all of its users through an update for the iOS and for Android devices. There will be a new eraser tool that can remove a drawing that was present in the image. However, there is no feature for photoshopping objects from an image, like the Magic eraser in Snapchat.

Another new feature is the Rewind mode, which helps users play a video in reverse, similar to the filters found in Snapchat. Another new Instagram feature, this being an original, is that user can type hashtags and add them to the Stories like stickers, similar to the location sticker. When another viewer taps on the sticker, they will connect to the hashtag page that shows other posts pertaining to that hashtag. In the future, users will be able to search for new stories using the hashtag and even watch a hashtag story that is made from all the other stories having that label.

Instagram eraser rewind stories

Covering All Ages

According to a spokesperson from Instagram, users of their app want some creative ways of sharing stories and moments. With the help of these face filters, they get additional tools offering a one-stop app for communication, accessible for all ages. It is a spin on a feature already available in Snapchat, but the design is simpler and appeals to users of all ages. You can user the filters in Stories and also in Instagram Direct or in Boomerang and for all the images that you post in the feed.