What to Expect at Google I/O Event Today : AI First Explained Better

Google IO Event Today

Google will be explaining its vision of AI First better today at the I/O event, an annual developer conference held every year in Mountain View, California.

The annual conference is kicking off today and it is expected that Google will offer a better and clearer picture of its vision regarding AI first.

AI First

Last year, the CEO of Google, SundarPichai had first laid out the company’s vision of AI first, meaning that the future for Google meant less computing focus on devices and more on an intelligent assistant. It is expected that the company will offer a more elaborate explanation of SundarPichai’s statement last year, with the keynote at the event beginning at 10 am PT on May 17th till 1 pm ET.

Google IO Event Today

Google Assistant

The vision of AI first has already been seen to a certain extent with the Google Assistant running on Google Home devices and also present in the latest versions of Android. However, the AI first concept still remains a little hazy. After the Google I/O today, the picture of Google’s AI first will probably be clearer and we will know the new direction that Google is planning to take. There will at least be some more details pointing to the new direction that the company is headed towards.

No Hardware Devices

It is not expected that Google will announce any new hardware device at the I/O event; Google usually reveals such devices in the hardware event that is held during the fall every year. However, there were exceptions to this, as Google had announced the Google Home device at the I/O event held last year. However, it is not likely that Google Home will get a new screen feature, similar to the latest Echo show by Amazon.

Google Assistant Pushed

It is expected that Google Assistant will be seen on more and more hardware. Bloomberg has stated that Google will reveal an integration of the Google Assistant with Apple’s iPhones and also with GE home devices, such as dishwashers and ovens as well as washers, dryers and so on. This means that the user will be able to interact verbally with such devices and ask the oven to go into preheat mode or as the washer whether the laundry is complete and so on.

Google Home Enhanced

There were some reports last month stating that Google was planning to bring in Wi Fi abilities to Google Home devices. This means that the Home device can be used for extending Wi Fi network in the house and it is possible that the announcement regarding this could come at the I/O today.

Google Home

Tensorflow News

As far as software news is concerned, Google might offer some regarding Tensorflow, its open source framework for machine learning. Google makes use of Tensorflow for AI abilities, such as the recognition of an object or a person in a photograph and for understanding languages. IN this regard, there could be news related to whether additional platforms will offer support for Tensorflow. This means that it will offer increased flexibility for developers, as they will be able to run the programs that the build using Tensorflow on more devices.