Instagram Arrives for Desktops and Tablets Running on Windows 10

Windows 10 Instagram App

Instagram has finally worked on expanding its Windows community by arriving at the desktops and tablets that run on the Windows 10.

Instagram, along with Facebook and Messenger apps, had first made its way to the limited mobile platform for devices running on Windows 10 in April 2016. Users can now download the standalone Instagram app for all the Windows 10 PCs and tablets from the official Windows App Store.

Instagram Windows 10 Desktops

All Same, Except Few

There is not much difference in the functionality of the mobile Instagram app and the app for the PCs and tablets. The users can perform all the traditional Instagram functions like capturing pictures, editing them, and then sharing them across any Windows 10 device. The app also comes with the native Instagram features like access to the user’s profile, posts that have been liked, checking and sending direct messages using Direct, allows the users to browse their feed, view Stories which is a 10-second long slideshow of the photos and videos, to search, Explore tab, and Settings. Unlike the web incarnation of the Instagram app, the Windows 10 version for desktops and tablets offers options for sharing photos and videos on Facebook and Messenger right there from the context menu at just a click of a button.

Shortcomings of the Windows 10 Instagram App

However, there is one huge restriction when it comes to using the Windows 10 Instagram app. Though the users can use the full-fledged app to capture photos, videos, and edit them, only the tablets or PCs which have a rear-facing camera along with touchscreen facility will allow the users to upload and post the photos on their Windows 10 Instagram app. That excluded majority of the desktop users and laptops and it is also a bummer for the people who would prefer to edit their pictures from their desktop image libraries and then upload them. So the users, who own devices like the Surface Pro or Surface Book, will not have to worry about anything, but it is definitely bad news for most of the PC owners.

According to reports from many websites, it has been pointed out that the new Windows 10 Instagram app for desktops and tablets is well-suited for the tablets alone as of now. There is still some work required to be done to accommodate more of the desktop users. The user interface design still needs to be tweaked and worked on as it is still not on the verge of being called the best. For example, the main interface of the news feed uses just the center of the screen, thereby leaving a lot of white space on either side of the page. This space could have been utilized in a better way like that of the web app where the comments can be displayed beside the photos in the individual posts of the news feed.

Also, the app has been reported to be crashing if a device without a backward-facing camera was used while trying to access ‘Your Story’, a feature where the users can create their own slideshow. It is better to allow the users to upload their content irrespective of the device they are using or at least the buttons which are not applicable for the devices without a rear camera should be hidden appropriately. A Live Tile feature will be available in the Start menu, which can ideally rotate the images. However, it has not been put to work yet.

While the app is available for all the Windows 10 tablets and PCs, an amended version of it has not yet been tailored for the iPad. Though the iPhone version of the Instagram app can be used, a specific app for the iPad would be warmly welcomed.

Windows 10 Instagram App

Instagram is becoming the largest photo and video sharing platform and is the nineteenth app on the Android platform to have more than 1 billion downloads on Google Play Store which was recorded in August 2016. With a huge user base of 500 million monthly users, Instagram has joined the likes of the other popular social networking and instant messaging apps from Facebook Inc. like Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp. And by arriving at all the platforms, it is expanding its empire to every corner of the world.

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