News Leaks for Next Gen iPhone 8 – Will Siri Be Able to Keep up with the Competition or is the AI assistant Going Weak?

Next Gen iPhone 8 News

Here are some news leaks on the iPhone 8, which will be the company’s tenth anniversary phone.

New Patents

Rumors suggest that the upcoming iPhone 8 will be made from ceramic and not in glass and aluminum as usual. Some new patents have been uncovered, showing that this could be true. It is also seen that the Series 2 of Apple Watches were also successful and came in ceramic. However, Greg Koenig, is not too sure about this as the product designer says that the challenge lies in the additional time and the space that is needed for handling more than million of the ceramic cases in a day.

iPhone 8 Next Gen News

More Technology

Also, according to the leaks related to the recent patents, it seems that Apple will be able to locate lightning sensors beneath the LCD display or the OLED display. The iPhone 8 might just come out without the bezels, and the phone will be able to read the user’s fingerprints through the display itself. This will result in less space being wasted and also in getting a sleeker design.

Rethinking the Design

Apple is probably considering a rethinking of the design, with the creation of sensors on its display layer. The sensor will be overlaid on the top of the screen display, in case of both LCD and OLED displays.  The sensor could also be positioned at the edge of the display, in order to avoid problems related to touch sensitivity.

It’s all About the Money

We must remember that Apple is in the game for making money and not just merely to please its fans. The design changes could be to do with making more money. For instance, the position of the iPhone 7-camera lens has been shifted from the center, so those wanting to use the phone camera will have to get new cases. They can probably buy it from the Apple stores and it will be licensed by the scheme related to the Made for the iPhone by Apple.

Siri Going Weak

Siri Going Weak

Google is planning on making its virtual assistant stronger in the Pixel phones. As for Samsung, it has bough the Viv for its assistant. When compared to these powerful AI assistants, Siri has started to sound suddenly weak. Siri’s responses are getting weak and though Apple was the first in this category, it has not taken advantage of the lead position.

Siri Becomes Dumb

Siri seems to have become dumb, as it is only used for making a voice call or for sending a message to a contact. You can also use the assistant for knowing details of the weather, set an alarm, a reminder or to locate a restaurant. Google along with Amazon and others seem to be way ahead. Apple has not added any important topic domain to Siri on its iPhones of late. It seems as if Siri will not be able to catch up with the rest of the competition of AI assistants.

iPhone 7 Negatives

iPhone 7 battery

The iPhone 7 has a smaller battery and does not come with a headphone jack. In addition, the company need not have brought in the jet black version, as it is not scratch proof. Of course, it can pick up the micro abrasions, but that may not really be enough.

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