Instagram Now Allows You to Save Posts to Your Private Collection

Instagram Allows You to Save Posts

There have quite a number of times that we would have come across an awesome photo or a post on Instagram and wished we could save it so that we can view or revisit the post some time later again, which in the course of time would fade away from the memory after posting myriads of new photos and tons of posts.

Well, Instagram is here to solve this problem with a new update that helps you to save posts and pictures quickly, so you do not have to keep things in mind and only to forget about them later. The posts of interest can be saved onto the collection of the user irrespective of who has posted it. Apart from saving posts, Instagram will also allow users to save posts as Drafts, which can be posted later.

Instagram Allows You to Save Posts

Save Posts at One Tap

On Wednesday, Instagram had rolled out an update that will allow the users to save the posts and pictures as they are revisiting the News Feed or profile. These posts can be saved so that the users can revisit them later as when they wish to do so. Saving the posts on Instagram is very much similar to how it is done on Facebook. There will be a small new bookmark icon that will be present at the bottom right of the posts. The users will just have to tap on this icon to save the post onto a new private tab in their profile. The users will be able to see all their saved posts and pictures in this tab.

Only Visible to You

The best part about this update is that all the saved posts and pictures will be visible only to the user. The user can also save a post that has been posted by someone else and they will not be able to know that their post has been saved, unlike taking a screenshot, which would notify the person whose post or picture has been clicked as a screenshot.

Save Post as a Draft

There must have been quite a number of times when you would have started putting things ready to put up a post by had to rush immediately in the middle of it, give up on the post and redo the whole thing later. Well, you will not have to do that anymore, since Instagram now allows saving posts as drafts which can be posted later. Once the user starts creating a post, they can save it as a draft and then share it later.

The user will have to tap on the plus icon present at the bottom of the screen to upload or click a photo or a video, and then add all the filters, the location, and a caption. They will then have to go back to the editing and filtering step and then tap on the back arrow present at the top left. There will be an option reading “Save Draft” at the bottom of the screen, clicking on which will save the uploaded photo or video as a draft. It is important to note that unless the post is edited or a caption or a location is added or people are tagged, the user will not be able to save the post as a draft.

Once the posts have been saved as a draft, the users can tap on the plus icon and then look for ‘Library’. All the saved posts will now appear below the ‘Drafts’ at the bottom of the screen.

So, from now on when the users come across a funny video which they might wish to remember or a new outfit which they might like or even stumble upon a post that might inspire them for an upcoming vacation, they can always keep track of all their favorite posts right there from their own profile.

Instagram Save Posts to Your Private Collection

Although it is a small update, it definitely is a very useful addition and it is more convenient than taking a screenshot of any picture or of a post.

The Saved Posts feature will be available on Instagram version 10.2 and will be rolling out to the Android platform at the Google play Store and for the iOS platform at the App Store.

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