Twitter to Start Live Broadcasting of Videos by Integrated Streaming on Periscope

Twitter Live Broadcasting of Videos by Periscope

Nowadays, everything right from the war zones, to concerts and birthday parties, many things are being broadcasted online by people via social networking apps like Periscope and Facebook Live.

Live video is probably the most immersive method of experiencing whatever is happening around the world, ranging from monumental moments to protests and celebrations, everything is right there in your shell on your smartphones. Now, this is going to get even better and easier as Twitter has updated its app for the iOS and Android platforms to allow the users to start a Periscope stream from right within it. Twitter has come up with the ability to create live videos through its updated Android and iOS apps with the help of Periscope, which it had acquired last year. Just like it is done on Facebook, Twitter will also allow its users to live stream the videos through its micro-blogging platform with just a single tweet.

Twitter Live Broadcasting of Videos

Need Periscope to Start a Live Video on Twitter

To make this feature work, the users must have the Periscope app installed on their smartphone devices. The user will have to click on the Tweet button as they do to start composing a tweet, which will then display a pre-broadcast screen with three new options that will assist them in adding media content and frame up their shot on to their Twitter page via the camera. Upon clicking the Camera button the users will be given options to add photos, videos, or to start a Live video. In case the user has not yet installed Periscope on their phone, Twitter will prompt the user at this stage to download the Periscope app. After having downloaded and signed up on the Periscope app, the users can head back to their Twitter page to start off with the ‘Live Video’ feature.

Once the user clicks on Live Video option, they will be directed towards Periscope so that they can start their Live video. The Live video will be streamed live simultaneously even on their Twitter account. The tweet related to this live video will appear as ‘live on #Periscope’ and all the users who are on the timeline of the user will get to watch it as it is getting streamed. The users will also the ability to stop broadcasting the video and they can also save the video onto their phone if they wish to.

Official Statement

The CEO of Periscope had made a statement that they started Periscope as they wanted people to have a superpower that will allow them to share a live video with their friends and family. He also said that it was an important step when this capability of Periscope came down directly to the Twitter app since it will be bringing this superpower to a larger audience of millions of people who use Twitter regularly. Twitter is already a place where the people around the world get to see what is happening across the globe. With this new update, people will now be able to live broadcast the happenings.

Twitter Live Broadcasting of Videos by Periscope

It is surprising that Twitter took so long to bake this feature of Periscope into its main micro-blogging app, considering the fact that it had acquired Periscope almost a year back. However, it is better late than never. It remains to be seen if this feature will be adopted by the users as they have done to the Facebook Live feature.

The update is expected to roll out to all the users on both the Android and iOS platforms in the upcoming days.

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