Instagram Redesigns its iOS App to Utilize the New Camera Features Of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Instagram Redesigns its iOS App

Facebook-owned Instagram is going to redesign its impending iOS app so that it can take full advantage of the new camera capabilities of the newly released Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models.

According to a media report, they plan to add GIF features and new filters.

Instagram Redesigns its iOS App

At the recent Apple event, the company had launched its much awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handset models which include a few major updates to its camera section. Both the new iPhones have a 12-megapixel rear camera which is accompanied by optical image stabilization (OIS). The iPhone 7Plus also comes with a twin-lens system, which offers a 2X optical zoom feature and up to 10X digital zoom in capacity for the photos. Most importantly, the zoom in features of the iPhone does not let the photo lose its quality.

Features That Come with the New iOS App for Instagram

The new iOS app for Instagram will also make use of the 3D Touch feature that allows the users to add a photo to their Instagram story. With the addition if this 3D Touch, the users can now their Instagram Story without delaying and without having to worry about missing out on any spontaneous and candid shots. That is a much-required improvement over the old style. However, Instagram needs to work on the aspect of the Boomerangs to originate from within the app itself.

According to a report made by the company’s Head of Design to TechTimes, a technology website, the developers at Instagram are working towards redesigning the camera filters of the iOS app so that they can take full advantage of the wide spectrum color detection of the sensor that comes with the iPhone 7’s camera. The reports added that this will make the Instagram photos more flamboyant, with intense striking features by adding a generous range of colors to the photographs.

Another notch in the iPhone 7 Plus’s very impressive camera belt is the improved Instagram patron. Apple says that this improved camera allows taking more detailed, brighter photos and videos, which also enables wide color capture. The processing component of the camera performs almost more than a 100 billion operations in a tiny span of 25 milliseconds.

The company’s developing team is also working towards a new feature that will allow the users to convert their Live Photos to Instagram Boomerang back-and-forth GIFs. A Live Photo will capture 1.5 seconds of audio and video before and after the shutter button is pressed to click a photo. Therefore, in addition to a still JPEG picture, there will also be a three-second Live Photo taken at the same time.

Previously, the users had to shoot the Boomerangs in the dedicated app only, which will capture a sequence of still photos and will then combine them to create an animated GIF. According to a report, the new version of the Instagram app will now allow the users to capture photos using the iPhone camera and will then morph them into Boomerangs.

Instagram Redesigns its iOS App

Sometime back in August 2016, Instagram had updated its iOS app with a small but noticeable change. It had launched the ability to zoom in and out the photos within the iOS app itself. With the introduction of this pinch-to-zoom support feature, the users now get better and close-up views of the Instagram posts in their own feed, in the Explore tab and also on other’s profiles.

Although the new features that will be accompanying the latest version of the Instagram iOS app are out in the air, it is still unclear as to when the new app will be announced and made available for public use.

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