Instagram Rolls Out Its Comment Moderation Tool to All Its Users


Instagram has announced that the comment moderation tool will be now available to all its users.

This feature was available earlier only for high-volume and popular Instagram accounts, whereas now it will be rolled out to all the users around the world. The reason behind this staged delivery of this tool was to collect feedback in duration as short as possible.


Here is What Comes with the Moderation Tool

According to a report from the top executives of Instagram, the first feature that has been introduced is the Keyword Moderation Tool, which can be used by anyone. So now, when you tap on the gear icon in your profile, there will be a new Comments tool. This feature allows you to list out the words which you might consider to be inappropriate or offensive. The comments which will have these words will be hidden from all your posts. You can also choose words from the default list provided by Instagram or you can create your own list of words too. This tool comes as an addition to the already existing tools that have been developed for deleting or swiping comments, for reporting inappropriate comments and also for blocking the accounts.

The company’s Head of public policy made a statement that their main goal is to make Instagram a more fun, friendly and most importantly, a safe place for the user’s self-expression. The company also said that they have begun to offer the Moderation tool at a slow rate first to the threads with high volume comments, with an option to moderate the comments. As they gather the feedback from the limited population, they plan on improving and extending the comment experience to a broader range of users.

This means that the users can create their very own list of words which ensures that certain words of specific comments will not appear on their images. This allows complete control over their comment streams. If the users choose to, they can even turn off the comments completely. Also, the comments which contain those specific words in Instagram’s database will also be hidden and will not show up on the user’s picture.

Though Instagram has certain policies which define the acceptable speech on the user platform, still certain people may find a few words and phrases to be offensive. The new moderation tool allows the users to satiate their brand of censorship as appropriate as they may find it in their own way so that they can avoid possible conflicts and dodge any sort of harassment complaints.

instagram moderation tool

For a firm that is branching out towards becoming a more advertiser-friendly platform, the introduction of the moderation tool does seem like a sensible progression, especially when the comments section tends to be the most probable area of abuse on the Internet. This big announcement from Instagram came after it decided to remove the Photo Map feature, citing that many users were not using this facility to the fullest.

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