Instagram to Notify If a Screenshot Has Been Taken Of Your Disappearing Messages


The latest update from Instagram’s now allows users to send messages that are self-destructing to friends and family, which is probably an excellent feature at a slinky time.

With the new update, a friend or a contact will be sent a notification if a screenshot has been taken of their message. This notification feature is applicable only to the disappearing messages where a screenshot of a photo or video has been sent. Instagram will not send notifications when a screenshot has been taken anywhere else in the app. This means that screenshots of other’s news feed, their public Story or their non-disappearing Direct Messages can still be taken without their knowledge.

instagram Screenshot Notifications

Screenshot Notifications to Disappearing Photos Only

Though the users will not able to view the disappearing photos and videos after they have sent it to someone, they will still be able to see if they have been delivered to the recipient and also see what the recipient has done with them like have they opened it, or have they replayed it or if they have taken a screenshot of the photo. The app notifies the user for every action that the recipient has done with the disappearing photo and video sent by the user.

 So if the recipient has taken a screenshot or replayed the video, the status of that action will appear below the conversation. In group chats, the users can tap and hold the chat and then select the option for View Activity. From there, the users will be able to see the action of each person in the group.

It is important to note that the status of these messages can be seen by the sender soon after they have sent them. If a recipient or anyone in a group replies to the message of the sender, then the sender will no longer be able to view the status of the original message sent by them.

Instagram notification feature

Notifying a Screenshot

According to Buzzfeed, a tech website, people have been freaking out over the latest the update regarding the notifications, which do work exactly like the way they are expected to. So now if a user sends a disappearing message to a friend and if a screenshot has been taken of the same, then the user will be notified with a message on their phone about it, just like it happens on Snapchat too.

It is worth noting that these notifications are applicable only to the newly introduced disappearing message feature, which, most of the people have probably not yet been successful at figuring out how to use anyway.

Swipe Over for a New Window

Right now, Instagram, the photo-sharing app owned by Facebook, has a bizarre thing that is going on with a kind of dual identity. When the app is opened, the news feed that the user has been accustomed to all this while that came with all the standard buttons for snapping pictures of cute babies and outings, will now also allow the users to swipe over them for a new window to be opened which lets them send the ephemeral messages. The users will literally have to swipe from the left of the screen to the right in order to open the new window.

The users can now snap their picture or Boomerang. And now they will have the option which allows them to send it directly to their individual contacts. Once the recipient views the picture, it will get deleted by itself.


Though it is legitimate, the recent Instagram screenshot feature is definitely kind of creepy. When the users take a screenshot of their own feed, Instagram will pop up a new window which will read that the user can share this post with their friends and will also give options on how to share them like via Facebook or Messenger or tweet them and also to Copy and Share the URL.

Essentially, the app does understand that a screenshot of an image has been taken, which it presumes should be sent to someone or should be posted online, and the app offers a few ways to share the image officially with just a single tap of the button.

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