Keeping Users in the Apple Loop – Major Issue with iPhone Devices – Sudden Shut Down Due to Battery Problems Not Hazardous

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has acknowledged that there are some issues facing the older iPhone devices.

There are problems with the 6 Plus as well as the 6S.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Problem with Older Phones

Apple has accepted this week that there are some issues with its older iPhone devices. Firstly, the touch disease was a problem seen in the 6 Plus devices. Some of the third party sites, such as iFixit among others, feel that the problem is due to the separating of the screen controlling chips from its main logic board. Apple will not offer a full replacement in the form of a new device, but the company is now offering repairs to the tune of $149.

No Flaws

Apple has not acknowledged the existence of any flaws in the 6 Plus design. Therefore, the problem cannot come under any kind of warranty for the iPhone 6 Plus phones. Even the iPhone 6 is not covered with such a warranty for repairs. Users that have already made payments for services on the 6 Plus devices can get a reimbursement from Apple, in case the charges were more than the $149 that is being charged presently.

Repair Program

Apple has announced this repair program for phones that are experiencing the Touch Disease. If your device is not responding to a touch input or showing some grey colored flickering bars, Apple is offering to repair the device. There seems to be a design problem in the 6S and the 6S Plus devices, according to iFixit. The problem is causing its touchscreens to fail. Julia Bluff discusses several such flawed devices of the iPhones that are being reported in the Apple forums as well as in third party repair centers.

Battery Problems

There were also reports of some battery problems in the 6S phones, which were causing the devices to suddenly shut down. Users whose phones have been affected in this way can get a replacement of the battery without any charges. However, the smartphone should not be experiencing any other issues. According to AmitChowdhury of Forbes, Apple has accepted that there are some battery issues with some 6S phones, causing them to suddenly shut down.

Not Hazardous

However, the issue is not a hazardous one according to the company. The replacement programs for the battery are probably in response to requests by CCA, the China Consumer Association, which asked Apple to conduct investigations regarding complaints of shut downs on the 6S and the 6S Plus phones, quotes AppleInsider.

Battery Replacement

iPhone 6S Battery Replacement

According to the report, Apple has found that a small number of the 6S devices have shut down suddenly. However, there is no safety problem and it affects only some devices of a particular number range, which were produced between the months of September and October last year, according to a support page of the company. Users who have experienced such issues can access the retail stores of the company or any authorized service providers. They will need to get the serial number of their device checked out in order to see whether it is eligible for the battery replacement service without any charges.

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