Instagram Updated to Introduce New Ways to Share Moments

Instagram Stories Live Video

Instagram, owned by Facebook has ramped up the pressure on its arch rival, Snapchat by adding short-lived live video broadcasts, disappearing direct messages apart from the ability to send anything, right from the inside jokes to the worst selfies across the app.

Instagram has announced two major updates, one with live video on Instagram Stories and another of introducing disappearing photos and videos in Instagram Direct for groups and friends. Just In August, Instagram Stories was introduced as a way where the users can share all their everyday moments and not just the ones which they wish to keep on their profile. Now, with over 100 million people who use it every day, stories has opened up an entirely new side for what the people are sharing on Instagram. And with the recent announcement regarding the updates, Instagram will offer two more ways for the users to share their moments freely and in real time.

Instagram Update

Live Video on Instagram Stories

Instagram has introduced Live video feature on Instagram Stories, which will help users to connect with their followers and friends right away. Once the user is done with capturing a Live video, the live story will vanish from the app so that the user will feel more comfortable in sharing anything at any point in time.

It is very easy to go Live. The users will just have to swipe right from their feed to open the app’s camera, followed by a tap on the button for “Start Live Video” and then start sharing the video up to an hour. The friends and followers may get a notification when the user goes live so that they can also tune in. While the user is live, they can also pin a comment so that everyone can see or they can also turn off the comments altogether. When a person whom the user is following starts a live story, the user will be able to see an option reading “Live” under the person’s profile photo in the Stories bar. The users can comment and also like the Live video as much as they want in the course of the broadcast.

Instagram Stories Live Video

The users will also be able to check out for new Live stories that are happening right now in real time on the Explore tab by just tapping on “Top Live” option. The users can also swipe left and right to easily skip around.

The Live video feature on Instagram Stories and Explore is expected to roll out worldwide in the upcoming weeks.

Disappearing Photos and Videos in Instagram Direct

Now, the users will be able to send disappearing photos and videos directly to individual friends and also on the groups in a way which is spontaneous, and stress-free.

Since the time new improvements have been launched to Instagram Direct in the last year, the number of people who have been using Instagram Direct has grown up from 80 million to almost 300 million monthly users from around the world. In fact, there are many users who use group threads to stay in touch every day with their close friends and family. With the new update, the regular direct messages will be kept the same and a more visual way has been added to stay connected with the closest friends, everything in just one user-friendly place.

The users will just have to swipe right into the app’s camera to capture a photo or video. The user can also send the video simultaneously and privately to friends and family by just tapping on the arrow, or to a group, which can be created in just a few taps. Unlike the other messages in Instagram Direct, all these photos and videos will disappear from their followers and friends’ inboxes after they have all viewed them. The user will also get a notification if the friends replayed the video or took a screenshot of the photo or video.

The users will be allowed to send the disappearing photos and videos only to people who are following the user, irrespective of whether the user’s Instagram account is set to public or private.

Instagram Direct

The users can just swipe to the left or tap on the new paper airplane icon that is located at the top right corner of the Instagram feed to open the inbox. The users will be able to view all the disappearing photos and videos on the top in a bar. The ones with the blue rings can be tapped to see what the friends have sent to the user. A user can view everything in a group, right from the responses to who has seen them, in the format of a slideshow. Once the user is done, they can just tap on their faded profile photo to quickly send a response.

The Disappearing photos and videos in Instagram Direct have already started to roll out globally.

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