Apple Preparing for Titanic Sales of iPhone in the Year 2018 – Curved OLED Display Expected to Bring in Significant Increase of Sales

iphone 8 curved display

Apple has reportedly received orders for 100 million of the OLED display iPhone devices, meaning that it could be preparing for titanic sales in 2018.

OLED Display

There was an article in Bloomberg recently regarding the company’s (Apple Inc.) wish to offer OLED display for the iPhone devices coming up in 2018. It also discussed the challenges in the supply chain that Apple would have to face when attempting to bring the OLED display to the future iPhones.

iPhone Curved OLED Display

Snags and Constraints

According to the authors of the above said article, there might be some constraints on the supply side and this would force the company to use the OLED display technology only in one version of the future 2017 iPhones. The constraints could also result in pushing back the adoption of the technology along with some other issues, according to the authors.

The article in Bloomberg also states that the initial orders for the OLED display from Samsung amounts to 100 millions of units over the year, on the basis of reports from those aware of the agreement.

Three Versions

According to Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, Apple will offer three versions of the iPhone in 2017. The 4.7 inches version, the 5.5 inches one having the usual LCD technology and the 5.1 or 5.2 inches version coming with the new curved, OLED display technology.

Apple Investors Prospects

The prospects of Apple investors seem to be really bright for the fiscal year 2018, if these reports are to be believed. Apple will in all likelihood see a surge in the iPhone sales in the fiscal of 2018.

Apple had shipped around 212 millions of its iPhones in the year 2016, including various models, such as the iPhone 7, the 67 Plus, the 6s the 6s Plus, the SE and also the latest iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus sales. It is likely that the number of sales will be similar in the 2017 fiscal as well. In keeping with this context, it is quite significant that Apple has planned for 100 million OLED display screens for the ultra premium version of the iPhone to come out in 2017 and be available for the 2018 fiscal year.

Number of OLED Display Phones

If the sources cited by Bloomberg happen to be right, Apple has made an order for 100 million OLED displays from Samsung, to support its offer of iPhones in the fiscal year 2018. Even if 75% of these displays reach the iPhone models shipped to users, it will still be more than around 35% of the number of iPhone devices that Apple had shipped in the 2016 fiscal year.

iphone 8 curved display

Increased Revenue and Sales

Apple seems to be hopeful of more users opting for the curved, OLED display version of the future iPhone. This will result in a significant growth for the company, when compared to other years. The average selling prices of the iPhone will also see a growth. Even if the OLED display versions of the new iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus cannibalize the regular iPhone 8 versions, the revenue will increase for the company.

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