Install Android N Factory Images – Nexus 6P; 5X; Nexus 6: Nexus 9 and the Pixel C

If you are interested in installing the factory images of Android N, here are some tips to do just that.

Google has begun to roll out Android Nougat’s final build for several compatible Nexus devices.

Fresh Build

Most users will install the OTA update on their devices just by making some taps on their phone. However, for those desiring to make a clean start, they can install the factory image of Google. Those who own the 5X, the 6P, the 6, the 9, the Player or the Pixel C of Nexus, can avail the new build of 7.0. However, the process is a little complex especially for those not familiar with using command lines.

How to Proceed

Before starting, the user’s device must be visible to the computer. You can then type out adb devices in the Terminal app and check out whether your device has been listed. Ensure that the device is unlocked before flashing the factory image. If not, you have to unlock the device bootloader. This can be done by going to Settings and heading for Developer Options. Check out the prompts on the device confirming that you want to unlock the bootloader. After confirming this, the phone or device is ready for wiping out completely and then you can move on to downloading and preparing the factory image.

Android N Factory Image

Erasing your Data

It is important to remember that while attempting to install the factory image, all data from the phone will be erased. It may be possible to get back some data that has been backed up with the user’s Google Account. It is therefore essential to back up all the important data that you wish to retain to the Google Account.

OTA Updates

All the above-mentioned Nexus devices will officially receive the new 7.0 version of Android. However, it is an OTA or over the air release and might take a few weeks. Those who are well acquainted with command lines can skip the waiting game and opt for the download of the factory image for their devices. This can be accomplished by flashing the factory image on the device software. However, there are some caveats that they need to know about flashing such factory images.

Flashing Factory Image

A part of the Android SDK has to be installed on the user’s computer before flashing factory images of Android N. Fastboot as well as adb can be downloaded from the portal of Android Studio. USB debugging has to be enabled and the bootloader has to be unlocked. You can then connect your device to the computer and unlock the bootloader of the phone. Make sure to back up all the important content on your phone before a factory reset of the device is done. When you visit the Factory Images page for Nexus, you can find the Android 7.0 image for the particular phone. It is not available for all phones as of now.

Considerable Difference

Once you have flashed 7.0-factory image on your device, you can reboot the OS. You will find that Nougat looks quite different when compared to the Marshmallow OS.

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