Android N 7.0 – Richer World of Desktop Emojis and The Avocado

Android N 7.0

The new Android 7.0, Android N, comes with a world of new emojis with many colors apart from yellow being available along with the Avocado fruit.

Emojipedia reports that there will be significant improvements and changes in emoticons while using the 7.0 version.

Features of the New Emojis

The first change to be noted is that the neutral gender look has been eliminated. According to Unicode recommendations, the emoticons should have an appearance that is neutral in gender. All the earlier Android versions followed this recommendation, with blobs of jelly beanstyle features, so that it was impossible to make out male from female faces.

Human Looking

With the new Android Nougat, all this has changed and the emojis representing human beings look more human. For example the blob of a face with a police looks more like a male officer. Many are quite critical about Google opting to eliminate the gender neutrality in its emojis this time. However, Google seems to be having specific plans for future devices. Google had proposed two months ago that they would come up with new types of emojis that would mark a change from the normal gender characteristics of emojis. This could mean that the company will offer variants for male as well as female in case of each emoji.

Emojis and the Avocado

Skin Tones

Another change brought by the new OS version is that skin tones can be changed. The feature is already available for the iOS devices, so Google seems to have done the right thing by supporting a realistic version of humanity. Samsung and other manufacturers can also do the same and follow suit.

Addition of New Emojis

Some completely fresh emojis have also been added in Android N. All the emojis from the Unicode 9.0 released in June are present, such as favorite expressions and habits as well as food, the avocado and the selfie pose. These are offered in addition to the standard ones. The existing emoticons have been made more consistent and look more realistic now. For example, the latest wine emoticon looks more like wine.

More Emojis than iOS

Support for emojis on Android has always been merely catching up with the iOS and usually lagged behind by many years. In fact, many of the characters that were sent from an iOS phone would not be displayed at all on your Android phones. The characters that were send would be depicted in a different way. All this has changed with the new Android N. It is possibly the first time that the iOS is behind the Android OS, with respect to support for emoticons, at least for now.

More Natural

The freaky blobs of before are gone on Android and the emoticons appear more human like, looking like real people. There are also some subtle changes to the yellow blobs, making it look more natural and emphasizing what the eyes or the mouth is doing. The emojis in Android N look more like those of Apple and can help clarify the meaning better when you send them.

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