iOS Beta 10.2 Gets New Emojis Supported by Unicode 9.0 And Many Other Updates

iOS Beta 10.2 New Emojis

Apple had rendered its complete support to the Unicode 9.0 in its developer beta version of the latest iOS 10.2 that has been released earlier this week.

Many new additions and changes have been made with this new update. The main focus is still on the emojis, wherein many old ones have been redesigned. New emojis have also been added which include shrug, face palm, drooling face, fingers crossed, nauseated face etc., apart from the new professions for both the genders and for the different skins tones, new animals, food, and drinks emojis like a glass of whiskey, bacon etc. As reported by Emojipedia, the iOS 10.2 developer beta adds these 72 new emojis to the iOS keyboard, all which have been approved in June 2016 and are all in line with the standard of Unicode 9.0.

iOS Beta 10.2 New Emojis

The Newly Added Emojis

The new emoji list includes many new activities, animals, objects etc. 22 new emojis have been added to            the people and smileys emoji list. The most important of them include pregnant women, clown face, rolling on the floor laughing, sneezing face, fox face, cowboy hat face, handshake, and owl. 18 new Food and Drinks emojis have been added that include a glass of whiskey, avocado, kiwi, bacon, cucumber, peanuts, and carrot. There are new professional emojis depicting them as females which include a female judge and a female fire-fighter.

With the previous iOS 10 emoji release, sometime in September 2016, Apple has released almost more than a 100 emojis, most of them which represent females in different professions like a detective, an engineer, and sportswomen in sports like Basketball, Running, Swimming, Weightlifting, Skateboarding, and Cycling. Apart from these, it also included artwork for the emojis, gendered emojis, a new rainbow flag and a remodeled water gun emoji.  All these professional emojis from the update Emoji 4.0 release have been included. These female professional representations were depicted in various skin colors too. On the whole, 16 new professions have been added, which make up to 32 emojis with each profession being represented by a male and a female. These 32 emojis, when multiplied by the 6 different skin tone options, become 192 distinct images.

Other Updates

The iOS beta version 10.2 has added new features including three new wallpapers for the iPhone 7 which are being used as the material for promoting these phones, which weren’t actually included in the devices at the time of release. iMessage will receive a new celebrations effect. There arrives a new widget for the Videos app. The Music app gets an option to rate music on a scale of 5-stars. The ‘For You’ recommendations are also affected by this option which is different from the Like/Dislike option. The last feature is where you can choose to save the settings regarding HDR, a flash of the Camera app, So, the next time the camera app is opened, the settings will not be reset to Auto.

The Release

These emojis are still in their Beta testing stages and it is definitely going to take a while before they are rolled out to the public. If the normal release cycle is followed, then the new iOS 10.2 is likely to be out for the iPhones in November 2016.

iOS Beta 10.2 Emojis Unicode 9.0

If you are still itching to use them right away, then you will have to register from your iPhone device to be a part of the Apple Beta Program. There is also a possibility that the users will have to search for the emoji of their interest through the large number of interspersed emojis on their keyboards while using them. The newly added person emojis for the professions, face palm etc. is depicted for both the genders and in different skin tones.

There are so many popular additions to this emojis set that there is something for sure for everyone.

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