Samsung S6 and S7 Users Face Keyboard Problems – Samsung Still Dogged by Bad Luck

Samsung S6 and S7

The latest issue facing Samsung is that the keyboard of the S6, the S7 and the Edge versions of the two phones are not functioning well in the email application.

Latest Issue

The latest issue connected with Samsung phones has been reported with respect to the S7, the S6, the S7 Edge and the S6 Edge keyboards. It is reported that the keyboard of the said devices is malfunctioning as far as the email application is concerned, according to Aaron Mamiit from Tech Times.

Samsung S6 and S7 Keyboard Problems

Keyboard Issues for stock Email Application

Though the issue is not as dramatic as the Note 7 catching fire, it is still quite an annoying for the users of these phones. Users have found that the keyboard is malfunctioning in case they use the stock email application for managing their mails on the said phones.

Reports on Forums

There have been many posts on forums stating this particular issue related to the keyboard. One of the users, andy121212 has posted saying that there are problems while typing words in the stock email application on the S7 Edge. According to the post, some of the apostrophes were being replaced by a quotation mark. In addition, the autocorrect feature was converting a correctly spelled word into a wrongly spelled one. The post also claims that the problems persisted in spite of switching off the features related to auto replace and auto space and so on. The problem did not elicit any solutions from the company support in spite of calling them twice. In one of the calls, a staff member is said to have accessed the device remotely to view the settings of the keyboard.

A Workaround

The thread in the forum shows that the issue has persisted even after resetting the settings for the keyboard. The support team then asked the user to bring the device to the store. Many other users have also joined the same forum thread and reported similar issues. One of them had even attempted using a Google keyboard and not the Samsung one. He states that the problem was solved, so the problem seems to be with the Samsung keyboard. At present, the problem seems to be related to the S lineup of Samsung phones and there is no solution available.

One thing that users having this problem could do is to go to the store and get the phone fixed. Another alternative is to use a keyboard from a third party and not the Samsung keyboard. There are several options of Android keyboard applications, but they may not all operate in the same way as a Samsung keyboard, so you may have to pick a little wisely.

Samsung S6 and S7

Bad Luck Continues

Though there is no explanation available, there are several theories floating around. One possibility could be that the problem is due to the upgrade of servers from Samsung for the stock email application or for the keyboard. SamMobile states that this could be the issue, as only very few people have experienced the problem.

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