iPhone 7 Case Leak Reveals More Details – 4 Speakers, Larger Main Camera and More

iPhone 7

Apple never lets any details of its upcoming products go loose, but apparently there is a new iPhone 7 leak that is doing rounds all over the web.

According to a leaked iPhone 7 casing from an Italian manufacturer, this device might come with some new capabilities that we haven’t seen leaked before. The case shows four speakers in addition to a brand new layout for the main camera as well as the flash onboard the next iPhone. Furthermore, the phone will carry a small hole that ensures a larger aperture for users of this device, NowhereElse can reveal.

Apparently, the bottom side will feature two speaker grilles and the other two will rest at the top of the case. With this leaked image, there are wholesale differences as to what had been leaked before, showing that the new iPhone 7 will be very similar to the iPhone 6S. It is a surprise to see the rearrangement of the flash on the phone, but as for the larger camera hole, it is nothing of a surprise as previous leaks have pointed towards a dual-camera setup.

Another expectation that seems to be now confirmed from the leaked image is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. This port is missing from the case, an indicator that indeed Apple will be dropping the support for this feature as earlier rumored. Instead, the iPhone 7 will come with a Lightning connector as well as Bluetooth-powered headphones.

While the leaked image appears to be that of the standard iPhone 7, it is weird to see the larger camera hole given that speculations claim that it is only the larger 5.5-inch model that will feature the dual-camera system. With this larger hole, it is possible that the camera will see huge improvements, even if it has nothing to do with a dual camera setup. Other reports on the iPhone 7 reveal that the phone will ship with waterproofing and dust proofing capabilities on board, features that will be appearing on an iPhone for the first time.

iPhone 7

More changes on the inside

While it appears that Apple will be making subtle changes on the outside of the iPhone 7, it seems the real changes will be happening on the inside. The phone will feature a more enhanced A10 SoC that promises faster performance, 3GB of RAM for some models as well as storage options of 16GB, 64GB and probably a 256GB. This means we possibly won’t be seeing a 128GB variant of the next iPhone, or maybe it will appear on some variants of the phone.

Apple will announce the iPhone 7 lineup this September and follow it up with an official release a few weeks later. However, expect to see the software that will power the devices at the upcoming WWDC 2016 conference.

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