iPhone 7 Release Date, News and Rumors – 8 Things to Expect from Apple

iPhone 7

Apple is traditionally known to unveil new iPhones in September and if this is maintained, the iPhone 7 will be here in less than four months’ time.

As usual, loads of rumors and leaks have been doing rounds since the turn of the year and have grown even bigger following the release of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge coupled with the success the two have brought to the company with respect to the U.S. market. While at the moment everything about the iPhone 7 is simply speculation and rumors, some of these will actually materialize when the smartphone is unveiled later on in the year. In the same regard, here is a look at the 8 things to expect from Apple as far its next iPhone flagship is concerned.

iPhone 7 will be here this September

For starters, Apple will for sure be looking to keep the same dates for the release of the iPhone 7, meaning the iPhone 6S will be one-year-old by then. Apparently, companies assigned with tasks of supplying Apple with iPhone 7 components have already begun mass production and everything should be in place for a September release date.

A possible iPhone 7 Pro

Apple will go on with its recent trend of releasing at least two phones, however, there are reports that the larger variant might be marketed as an iPhone 7 Pro. This model might be the most premium model of the variants released and in fact, it might be the one to come without a standard headphone jack or maybe include a Smart Connector, similar to the one on the iPad Pro.

Apple iPhone 7

Dual-camera setup

Rumors have been rife that Apple will include a dual-camera system in the new iPhone 7. However, it seems this will probably happen only on the premium version, that is, if the premium iPhone 7 Pro is really released. We might as well see the same dual-camera system on the standard model, but with Apple looking for better ways to differentiate the 4.7-inch model from the 5.5-inch model, it is possible that the former will come with a single lens.

One variant to include a 3.5mm headphone jack

It has been reported that Apple will drop the use of a 3.5mm headphone jack in its upcoming flagships. While this remains a possibility, it might only happen with some variants of the iPhone 7. This means that we could possibly see one model coming in with the standard headphone jack instead of a Lightning Port. Still, we could also be seeing the last days of the headphone jack on the iPhone 6S.

No significant design changes

Just like Samsung, Apple will reportedly be coming in with a very similar design to that of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus when this year’s models are released. However, expect subtle changes, for instance, a flush rear camera on the iPhone 7 as opposed to the protruding camera on the rear of the iPhone 6S.

Larger battery capacity

When compared to Android flagships, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have very small battery capacities. However, this is expected to change with the release of the new iPhone 7, with reports suggesting that Apple will go for a huge 3100mAh unit, but there is no word on whether this battery size will be available on the smaller 4.7-inch model or the phablet unit. Still, this will be an increment of more than 12.5% as compared to what the current iPhone 6S Plus homes.

iPhone 7

Enhanced hardware and software specs

Since this will be a new and refreshed version of the iPhone 6S, we expect to see refreshed hardware and software specs as well. For starters, a new A10 SoC will probably be shipped with this year’s iPhone 7. There are also some reports suggesting that Apple will add an extra 1GB of RAM to this year’s model as compared to what last year’s 6S has. It gets even better as the refreshed iPhones might also come in with the latest software, probably iOS 10.

No room for OLED panels, yet

It has been speculated that Apple will soon ditch their LCD panels in favor of OLED panels made by Samsung. Well, this seems to be way too far from reality, but not that far. While it is possible this might not happen this year, we might see these panels come into play with next year’s iPhone 7S or even 2018’s iPhone 8.

What else do you expect to see on the upcoming iPhone 7? Feel free to drop your views in the comments section below.

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