iPhone 8 Rumors and Speculation – Bigger Display and Going Bezel Less

iphone 8 concept

According to experts in the industry, Apple might e coming up with two new iPhones in 2017 with a curved and borderless design.

Curved and Borderless

According to analysts at the Barclays Research, Apple is planning to eliminate its bezel design for the new iPhone 8 units to come next year. The bezel less design will be applied to the 5 inches as well as the 5.8 inches version of the iPhone smartphones to be introduced in 2017. This will result in making the new phones as small as the present phones of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. However, it is speculated that only the Plus version of the new iPhone 8 will come with OLED display.

iphone 8 concept

Bigger Display

There has been no confirmation as yet regarding the design of the new iPhone 8. However, analysts feel that it will come without a bezel and will have curved edges. The display is also likely to be bigger compared to the iPhone original design. It is possible that the new phone will be 5 inches rather than 4.7 inches and the Plus model will move to 5.8 inches from 5.5 inches. The analysts obtained the above details from sources in the supply chain of Apple, during their recent Asian trip.

Design Speculations

MacRumors states that Barclays researchers have heard rumors of an OLED display featuring only on the Plus version, that is, the 5.8 inches version. This will give a brighter and comparatively sharper screen for the Plus version of the new iPhone 8. It will also result in more energy efficiency of the display when compared to the LCD screen of other mobile phones. As of now, Apple gets the OLED display from LG as well as Samsung, who are its competition in the market. Sharp will also be anotherå supplier of the OLED display in 2018.

Supporting Rumors

Other statements made previously by Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst from KGI Securities, have supported the rumors mentioned above. According to him, Apple will bring in the Plus version of 5.8 inches coming with a glass casing and also a curved screen in OLED in the coming year.

Incorporating Improved Technology

According to Robert Scoble, an entrepreneur as well as tech blogger, the new Apple smartphone will come with clear glass casing. This will probably be made out of Gorilla Glass that is mixed with polycarbonates to offer improved durability. The clear glass appearance will also enable the company to bring in improved reality technology for the new phone. According to Scoble, when the new smartphone is popped into the headset that is equipped with eye sensors, it increases the apparent frame rates and the polygon count, when compared to a desktop having Nvidia 1080 card.

iphone 8 bezel less

Bezel Only at the Bottom

As far as any other design changes are concerned, Barclays notes that the Home Button will probably not be embedded below the display, though there were rumors earlier claiming the opposite. Barclays also note that the new smartphone will have a design that is similar to the Mi Mix of Xiaomi, in some aspects. This might be with regard to a small bezel that is found at the bottom portion of the phone.

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