Speculations on Release of Galaxy S8 – Hitting Shelves Worldwide in March 2017


There are rumors churning out the release of the Galaxy S8 during March of 2017 all over the world.

Rumors continue to abound regarding the interesting and new features of the S8. Recent news suggests that the flagship smartphone from Samsung could be hitting the shelves globally some time in March 2017.

galaxy s8

Release Date Rumors

The Investor has reported some days ago that there were statements offered from several suppliers hinting at a possible release date for the S8. The sources of their publication claim that Samsung Electronics is assessing launch dates for the S8 and is planning on testing the new smartphone in January. According to the officials of one supplier, the main suppliers have been asked to offer one batch of parts initially in January.

Usual Pattern

If Samsung follows its usual releasing pattern based on the earlier flagship versions, it is probable that the company will release the S8 in the above-mentioned timeframe. The pattern usually followed by the company for its flagship offerings is a debut at the Mobile World Congress during the month of February with a release in March.

Another unnamed source connected with suppliers states that taking into consideration the parts supplies, the launch could be sometime during March, as is usual, which is contrary to another report mentioned in Wall Street Journal.

Samsung Fans Eager

This is good news for Samsung fans that are eagerly waiting to access the new S8. However, the report from the Wall Street Journal claims that the S8 could make a debut at a later date and not in March 2017. One post in Forbes cited the report of Wall Street Journal and linked the possible late launch of the S8 with the debacle of the infamous Note 7 from Samsung Galaxy. According to the report, the Wall Street Journal reports that the engineers at Samsung Electronics have not yet found out the reason for the fires caused by the infamous Note 7. The company executives are considering delaying the launch of the S8 and postpone it to April next year.

Pinpointing the Culprit

The technological world is anxious to know the cause of the battery explosion of the Note 7. It will definitely be a great relief for loyal customers to know the real culprit of the debacle. This is a very important factor for fans that are waiting to buy the next S8 phone from the company. This is because they want to be assured that there will not be repetition of the same mistake in case of the new S8 and also other smartphones that are offered by the company in the future.


Samsung Must Hurry

If it is true that the problem of the batteries in the Note 7 might cause a delay in the release of the new S8 next year, then it is important that Samsung works harder and faster in identifying the cause of the problem. The Forbes report also states that by delaying the release of the S8, the company could be causing damage to the momentum that it had built with the highly popular S7 and the S6 released earlier on.

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