iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Work Overtime to Offer Groundbreaking Devices

iPhone 8 hype

2017 is the year of two topnotch phones, the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8, both competing for domination of the smartphone market.

Both Apple and Samsung are looking to prove something and are working overtime to offer a groundbreaking device.

iPhone Hype

The iPhone 8 hype is taking over the market and this has resulted in the rise of Apple’s shares, according to news from CNN. The shares of Apple have risen by 6% to the highest level after July 2015, recording 11% increase up till now for this year. Apple has shown its first increase of sales for the year according to the article. In addition, Tim Cook is sending out some positive remarks regarding the demand for the upcoming iPhone 8, with investors showing more interest and excitement.

iPhone 8 hype

Wireless Charging

This is one of the most interesting features to look forward to in the upcoming iPhone 8. There are rumors about Energous, a wireless charger company, making deals with Apple to offer the technology for the iPhone 8, according to Juli Clover, a columnist. However, she also adds that a note from the Copperfield Research shows that Apple has no plans for using this solution from Energous.

Fans will be happy to hear about the wireless charging feature, but this is only one of the new features that are said to be coming up with the new iPhone 8.

Other Interesting Features

9to5Mac reports that the Apple iPhone 8 will probably have a curved OLED screen display ranging from 4.7 inches to 5.8 inches. The design will be completely in glass and new colors will be offered. The home button will be an embedded type and there will be features related to augmented reality or AR. There are reports of Apple dealing with Carl Zeiss regarding the AR glasses and it will probably used in the iPhone 8.

Samsung Gets Headstart

Apple will have to come up with impressive features for the iPhone 8, especially considering that Samsung will get a headstart with the Galaxy S8. According to Tech Radar, the Galaxy S8 will be officially announced on the 29th of March this year and release on the 21st of April. Normally Samsung reveals its new flagship phone at the MWC held in February. This time around, Samsung is probably being more cautious due to the Note 7 fiasco, as they don’t want another rec all on their hands.

Highlights Speculated

According to Tech Radar, the likely top specs of the Galaxy S8 include the 4K screen and the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon, 830 chipset. It will come with 6 GB of RAM and an enhanced camera. The iris scanner will possibly be present and it might offer the foldable screen feature, though the latter is not very likely.

Samsung Galaxy S8

According to SamMobile, Samsung is planning to source the battery for the upcoming Galaxy S8 from Japan based Murata Manufacturing Works. The manufacturer has taken over the batteries for Sony from last year and it will supply the batteries for the Galaxy S8 this year.

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