Latest Sony Xperia X Concept Build Update Brings Fixes Ambient Mode, Sony Races Google on February Security Patch

Sony has come up with several new fixes and software features in the latest Xperia X Concept Build, including the Ambient mode.

However, the Concept build only offers an area where Sony can try out new features and not all of them make it to the final build. The recent Xperia X concept build comes with an important display feature.

Sony Concept for Android Ambient Display

Ambient Display

The new display feature in the concept build of the Xperia X brings in this display feature. Once the feature is enabled in the settings of the display, the screen will light up whenever a notification is received.

Several Fixes

The Concept build update for the Xperia X also offers several fixes. Once the update is installed, the viewfinder of the camera will offer a fixed level of brightness, regardless of the settings in the phone. There was another problem with the Bluetooth audio when the OK Google functionality for voice command was in use. The problem has been removed with the update. There are also some other solutions offered for the tinted display color and the LED notification that did not offer proper lighting up when a call was missed.

Update Details

The latest concept build for the Sony Xperia X brings the version to the 38.3.A.0.94, with a weight of around 40 MB. The update also contains the security patches of Android for the month of January. This seems to be a little odd, as Sony has issued the security patch for last month earlier. However, concept builds can sometimes contain such anomalies.

February Security Patch

In another related news, Sony has beaten Google by offering the February security patches for its Xperia X series. Sony has started issuing the security patches forthsi month from Google to its Xperia X lineup of phones, namely,the Xperia XZ, the X Performance, the X and also the X Compact.

This is especially noteworthy, as Google has not yet issues the latest February security patches to its own devices, the Nexus or the Pixel smartphones. It has not issued the February security patches even with the Android 7.1.2 beta release, which has begun rolling out a few days back.

Xperia X concept Update

The security patch for Xperia is dated the 1st of February and the build number is 39.2.A.O.417 in case of the Sony Xperia XZ and the Xperia X Performance. As for the Sony Xperia X and the Xperia X Compact, the build number of the February security patch is 34.2.A.O.311. The update is not yet available for the Sony Xperia X1 as of now.

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