iPhones Succumb to Serious Battery Issues – Chinese government Attacks Apple

Chinese government Attacks Apple

With more and more iPhones succumbing to serious battery issues, the Chinese government has attacked Apple for failure to meet the basic wireless communication needs of consumers.

The 2017 iPhone 8 is supposed to be a very impressive device, but for now, the company is facing problems with the current set of phones in the market.

Battery Problems

More and more iPhones are falling victim to serious battery problems. Due to this issue, the Chinese government has made a dismissal of the company’s attempts at downplaying the issue. It attacked Apple for failure to meet basic consumer necessities related to wireless communication.

iPhones Battery Issues

Consumer Association Warning

The Consumers Association of China, a watchdog organization of the government, has issued a statement through Quartz, presenting an official warning to Apple. The Association has asked for admission of culpability as well as action on the part of Apple.

Random Shutdown

Recently, there were some sudden shutdown problems with the iPhone 6s and Apple had offered a program for affected consumers. Several customers continued sending replies to the Association about their problems. The Association states that it discovered the malfunction in the iPhone 6 as well the iPhone 6 Plus along with the 6s Plus devices that were produced in 2015, between the months of September and October.

Letter by Association

The letter sent by the Chinese government association on the 15th of November mentioned the above models, being suspected of malfunctioning problems. In the meantime, consumers also have some suggestions regarding the way in which Apple had executed the program for the iPhone 6s issues.

The Association sent another letter on November 29th, asking Apple to bring in a complete analysis and solutions for the problematic iPhone 6, 6s Plus and 6s smartphones produced in the aforesaid month of of 2015. It mentioned the problems of the consumers and asked for clarification, asking Apple to improve the program, with more convenient bookings and consultation system in place for the replacement of batteries. It also requested the company to have enough components for replacing the batteries effectively and meet the needs of the consumer, thereby offering him a normal means of wireless communication.

Apple’s Response

However, the response by Apple might aggravate the Chinese association still further and also annoy the affected consumers further. Apple has responded with a statement that was written in both the languages, Chinese as well as English. In the statement, the company has denied that the problem extends to any other devices except for the 6s models that were produced in 2015, between the months of September and October. Apple also refuses to accept that any other action is required of the company, apart from the current replacement program that it has already offered. The company has, however, agreed to continually monitor as well as analyze the customer reports.

Chinese government Attacks Apple

On the other hand, Apple has actually mentioned that the iPhone has been designed in such a way that it automatically shuts down when faced with extreme cold or other such conditions. However, this is not relevant to the shutdown of the phones that are being reported under normal weather conditions.

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