Having Issues with OnePlus 3 Flagship? Here’s How to Fix them

OnePlus 3 OTA Update

OnePlus 3 might be one of the best handsets out there, but as usual, nothing is never perfect. There is no doubt that the phone packs some of the best specs you can find on a smartphone in 2016 and you will be surprised at the price it costs, but still, early adopters of the handset have already had quite a number of issues to deal with.

In this report, we’ll highlight some of the most common issues that are facing OnePlus 3 handsets and look at possible ways to fix them. Remember, these problems are not common to every owner of this OnePlus flagship, which means some users might even never come across any of them.

Excessive battery drain and overheating issues

There are reports that some OnePlus 3 units are overheating while others are having issues with excessive battery drain even when the phone is not in use. If you come across these problems, there might be several reasons behind them.

For starters, the fingerprint scanner could be the one behind the overheating phone. This is because the scanner keeps on scanning for a fingerprint when the phone is in the pocket, something that has to do with a software issue. OnePlus will for sure be taking care of this as soon as possible. But before this comes in, you may want to keep your phone in the pocket when the screen is facing away from your thigh. However, this will also risk the phone’s display screen in case of any contact with a hard object.

You can also opt for a flip cover so as to keep the fingerprint sensor in standby mode when the OnePlus 3 is in your pocket. This should also be very helpful with battery life management. If none of these doesn’t work, for now, you may want to disable the fingerprint scanner and wait for the company to avail a software update that will fix the issue.

Camera issues

If you find that the stock Camera app on your OnePlus 3 handset is not working properly, where the shutter button becomes unresponsive, there are some few things you can attempt to fix this problem. For starters, this issue is associated with the stock Camera app. As a result, you may want to try out another Camera app, with plenty of them available via the Google Play Store.

You may also want to try wiping the phone’s cache or still, carry out a factory reset just in case none of these work. OnePlus has also rolled out a software update that addresses quite a number of issues related to the Camera app.

OnePlus 3 Update Set Better RAM Management

Push notifications issues

Some users are having issues with push notifications on their OnePlus 3 phone. They are only able to see unread posts or messages once they launch the apps, but notifications don’t show up. There are a number of possible solutions for this problem. Head to Settings>Sound and Notifications>App Notifications and choose which apps you want to push notifications. Also, check out the apps that have been added to the Do Not Disturb list.

Alternatively, there is an app such as Push Notifications Fixer that can be very useful when it comes to handling push notifications. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Screen auto-rotation issues

If your OnePlus 3 is having issues with screen auto-rotation where it often sticks in the portrait mode despite switching to landscape mode yet the option is enabled in the settings, there are several ways to get around this problem. One is where you can turn to an app like Rotation Control which lets users trigger the switch when in need of different orientations. But before going this direction, a simple reboot might just do the trick. However, the issue might show up after a few days.

It is also possible that a rogue app might be behind all this. You can check if this is true by rebooting the OnePlus 3 in Safe Mode. You can also check for recently installed apps that might be causing the problem and uninstall them.

If any of these don’t work, we might be looking at a hardware problem, which may mean you pick up a replacement.

Connectivity issues

OnePlus 3, just like many other handsets, may at times encounter connectivity issues, be it Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In case of the former, try turning off the router and the phone as well and turn them back on after a few minutes. You can also check the Wi-Fi settings of the handset and while in there, forget the current network and reconnect again.

OnePlus 3 OTA

Power Saving Mode might be active, which limits features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. To make sure this is not the case, disable the mode via the phone’s Settings. Also, make sure that the MAC address of your phone is recognized by the router. This can be done via Settings>About phone option.

If you are having Bluetooth issues, first ensure all power saving modes are disabled. After this, turn off the Bluetooth setting on your OnePlus 3 handset and on again. If there is no change, proceed by clearing the Bluetooth cache, which can be accessed via Bluetooth Settings. Once this is done, restart the phone.

You may also want to check saved Bluetooth profiles and delete some since some devices have limits. When done, retry setting up the Bluetooth connection.

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