Pokemon Go Shows Nintendo’s Properties Are Bigger Than Their Hardware


Nintendo has been in the gaming industry for many decades now and have many amazing games in its library. Despite the change in console generation, they continue to stick tight to their spot.

They have managed to keep people interested in their games for the past three decades. After a huge break and the lackluster performance of the Wii U console, Nintendo is now back to the top with the launch of the Pokemon Go app. The application is the company’s first step into the world of mobiles and it has become a phenomenal success around the world. Despite the 3Ds console which has sold over 50 million units, the step into the actual smartphone industry proved lucrative for the company.

With the launch of the Pokemon Go, it is evident how huge the company’s franchises and games are. As soon as the launch took place, the company’s shares went high with over a sixty percent increase. In the past, the brand has been really adamant on keeping all their first party products exclusive to their hardware. It allowed them to offer the optimal experience on a hardware configuration defined by their own team. The step is similar to what Apple does for decades now.

Pokemon Go

But, now it’s time to change their attitude because of millions of users who spend hours on their smartphone made by other manufacturers. Nintendo made the right decision which paved way for the Pokemon Go. The game is too basic in its design and it carries characters from the past. Most assumed that younger people may not be familiar with what Pokemon is all about but they were all proved wrong.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality app available for the iOS and Android platform. The game makes use of the GPS functionality found on the smartphone and encourages people to travel to different real life locations. They will be able to collect Pokemons from different parts in their city and sometimes even around the globe. The idea is to capture them but there is no way to train or make them fight against other creatures owned by people.

It still isn’t so developed and has server issues. The game is limited to very few countries. Despite all these flaws, Nintendo has managed to get people off their PCs and finally come outside which made Pokemon Go immensely popular among the player community. It proved that Nintendo’s creations are still valued a lot.

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