Jaguar Electric SUV All-Set To Be Revealed Today

Jaguar Electric SUV Revealed

The first all-electric model from the house of Jaguar is about to be revealed today and the company is mighty proud of stepping into a whole new sector previously unexplored by them.

Electric cars are quite prevalent in this generation but majority of them are hybrid models with both gasoline engine and an electric motor. They have been around for a long time now but the real challenge lies in creating vehicles that run solely on electric motors and battery packs but manage to deliver the same horsepower that their gasoline counterparts did. Jaguar is well on its way to joining the fray led by Tesla. Promoting their new all-electric model, the auto brand launched a teaser video giving us a glimpse of what to expect in the new car.

Jaguar Electric SUV Revealed

The Los Angeles motor show is about to being and when it does, all the big players will be there showcasing their latest and greatest cars ever built. Right before the LA expo reveal, Jaguar has launched a teaser that shows the car’s badge, it’s front grille and the alloy wheel. The height of the grille is something we could make out easily from the video and it is easy to assume that Jaguar is going for a SUV as their first ever electric model. It resembles a lot like the F-pace but with a different powertrain.

While it is a known fact that they are going with a SUV, the name of the electric SUV from Jaguar is yet to be finalized. The car will be showcased at 8:30pm PST time. The information was available on the video and it also suggested that the overall size of the new model will be slightly smaller when compared to the F-Pace SUV. The raking roofline is something which reminds us of the Tesla Model X. When it comes to electric models, it is impossible to rate and review them without comparing it to the levels set by the Tesla brand.

Jaguar Electric SUV 2016 LA auto expo

A SUV body is essential for the car to favor large batteries to cover longer distances and also accommodate multiple passengers at once. Based on what we have gathered so far, we assume it will have at least 300 miles range on a single charge but it is more of a speculation than confirmed news at the moment. All the technical specifications, pricing and availability among other details are expected to be out when Jaguar makes their announcement at the 2016 Los Angeles auto expo.

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