Jaguar Launches I-Pace Electric EV at Los Angeles Auto Expo

Jaguar I-Pace Electric EV

Jaguar is ready to push its first all-electric SUV into production.

The I-Pace concept SUV was unveiled at the Los Angeles auto expo today amidst much fanfare.

Jaguar I-Pace Electric EV

Being one of the elite auto brands that makes quality cars, Jaguar now joins the fray of electric car makers and will get the I-Pace into production by 2017. They have confirmed that following their naming tradition and the popular F-Pace models, the name for the new electric SUV will remain the same when it hits dealership stores next year. The design showcased at the 2016 Los Angeles Motor Show is confirmed to be the final version and even if the designers choose to make some changes, it will be very minimal, confirmed Jaguar’s representatives.

From their statement, it is evident that the auto brand is completely set with the all-electric car and the SUV will be the first of many more EVs to come in the near future. As expected, the company announced that their new car should be able to run up to 300 miles on a single charge. It not only promises great mile range but also offers solid performance as the car can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just four seconds. So far, Tesla was the only company that offered such notable performance with electric cars as their sedans could accelerate to 62 mph in just 2.5 seconds and similar numbers were delivered on their Model X SUV as well.

They can no longer enjoy the privilege of being the sole EV performance car manufacturers as Jaguar’s I-Pace is not only quick but will be priced reasonably at £55,000. The SUV is designed from the base to support a large battery. It is built on top of an all-aluminum platform and uses a 90 kWh lithium ion battery. The electric motor is capable of producing up to 350 horsepower combined with 700 Nm torque.

Jaguar I-Pace LA auto expo

The production phase of the Jaguar I-Pace was made easier because the engineers choose to use a lot of components and technology that is already in the F-Pace. Minor modifications were made to accommodate the electric motor and the battery pack. The powerful batteries support quick charging and can reach about 80 percent charge in just ninety minutes. While the SUV is promising in almost all aspects, it weighs much higher than expected at about 2,100 kilograms. Jaguar ensures that people will love to drive this car because it features a new powertrain but is very much like any other car from the brand, offering unparalleled comfort and drivability.

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