June Security Update for Note 4 Devices on Verizon – No Visible Goodies

Galaxy Note 4

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 on the Verizon network have started getting the latest June security update, which brings in fixes for several bugs noted in the Android software of the device.

With this update, the software has been bumped to the MMB29M.N910VVRU2CPF3 version.

Official Change Log

According to the official change log, the latest update offers the newest security patches for the Android software on the device. There is only security fix offered through this June update, so there are no additional features offered for the software and no enhancements to the functionality of the device.

No Visible Goodies

The good news for users of the Note 4 is that with this update they can be assured that they have received the latest security patch for their device. However, there are obviously no changes in the functionality of the software, so no new goodies are available.

Manual Check Out

Those users who are customers of Verizon and who possess the Note 4 from Samsung Galaxy can try checking out their devices for updates.

Note 4

The update is in the form of an OTA and will take some time before it reaches all devices. Users can wait for the notification to appear on their Galaxy Note 4 devices and then download and install it. However, those who are impatient and wish to obtain it immediately can also manually check out the update on the Settings of their devices. The download is sub 200 MB and should be soon available to all devices. The update will just take a very short time of some minutes for downloading and installing. However, users will have to restart the device in order to apply the new update.

Focusing on Note 4

The Note 4 devices of Verizon had only last month received the Marshmallow update and now the June security updates are also being released. It seems that either the Note 4 is very vulnerable to security threats from the time Marshmallow has been released or that the company (Samsung) is attempting to make up for all the time it wasted by ignoring the Note 4 device. In any case, Samsung is suddenly focusing on the Note 4 and rolling out all the latest security updates well in time. The Note 4 was its first device to get fixes for April and also for May.

Good Job by Verizon

After rolling out the Marshmallow version of the OS to their devices, Verizon seems to be doing an excellent job of keeping up all its devices in tune with the latest security patches as well as updates. Only in the beginning of the month, Verizon had started rolling out the Marshmallow version 6.0 to the Note 4 devices on their network, whereas both AT&T as well as T Mobile had not done so. The Note 4 is one of the popular flagship phones of the company and the carrier has been quick in offering the update of the operating system as well as the June security patch.

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