Kingdom Hearts 3 to Reach Out to its Fans in March 2018

Kingdom Hearts 3 March 2018

It has been quite some time now since the announcement of the Kingdom Hearts 3 game was made in E3 2013.

According to an online report by a Spanish news writer, the release is stipulated to happen in March 2018 provided everything happens as per plan until the release date. If this happens, the game can in all possibility be played fully by August. There are strong rumors that the primary reason for the delayed release date is due to Final Fantasy XV from the same team. However, if the Square Enix faces some unexpected delays or technical issues, there are high possibilities of the release date stretching out even more. Very few details have been made available either through online or offline sources. Yet, players are quite excited about the game resulting in a lot of hype being built around it. There are various talks about the new version appearing as a crossover of Final Fantasy XII, and will feature the normal boy Sid making his return to the mighty sorcerer Yen Sid’s tower.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Director Tetsuya Nomura has been assuring fans many times that the development is taking place as planned and the last production update was made in January. This was when Nomura had an interview with Famitsu. In the interview, Nomura said that in order to avoid rework, development of Kingdom Hearts 3 began only after all elements were approved. At that point of time, some of the worlds were still in the process of being audited. Moreover, the character models from the previous versions had to be redesigned to match the present day consoles. All this required a lot of developmental work.

Kingdom Hearts 3 March 2018

The online report states that the old worlds in the original game that was playable on PlayStation 2 and 3, as well as Nintendo 3 are once again being explored to match present day preferences. Therefore, the present locations and worlds need not be final and a few of them are subject to change. Also, only one world is focused on at a time. This results in the various worlds being developed only one after the other. However, developers have finished working on the design and creation of the zones that are stated to be quite spectacular. A few worlds are said to be completed with both their development and approval being done.

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