Know These 4 Things Before You Shop on Cyber Monday

4 Things Before You Shop on Cyber Monday

Black Friday is over but that doesn’t mean your wallets could rest in peace because Cyber Monday comes and there’s still lots of deals left to be acquired by astute buyers.

After all, the retailers don’t want to advertise them weeks before but rather check their stocks and throw biggest deals on the big day without any prior notification.

Look for Broader Deals

Compared to Black Friday, the next shopping day which falls two days after, Cyber Monday is focused more on pushing the leftover gadgets and appliances to customers at unbelievably low prices.Instead of looking at one store, check for broader deals on the website or store-wise discounts announced by the shop.

Things Before You Shop on Cyber Monday

Stores like Walmart offer $125 minimum discount on all smart televisions which is applicable on all stores. Similarly, Toys R Us sells Barbie townhouse for $59.99 in all their stores. Such deals are broader, available online and in-store on specific categories than one specific product.

Last-Minute Deals on E-mail and Twitter

Twitter is the most favored platform for stores to announce last minute deals and it is wise to keep your eyes open by subscribing to their channels. Similarly, a bunch of last minute deals will also be announced through e-mail when stocks won’t deplete for an even lower price than they were in the same morning. Doorbuster deals sometimes stay open all the way till 8 pm in the night which is what you should go for.

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Free Shipping is Compulsory

Free Shipping has become more of a necessity than an add-on service because of services like Amazon Prime. People expect their products to be shipped for free be it Black Friday or Cyber Monday and you should look for it when ordering online. Paying a huge sum for delivery and waiting days is no longer acceptable as it could lead to further confusions due to the high number of orders they receive. Walmart, Target and Best Buy among all major retailers offer free shipping during holiday season.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is Not Limited to Products

Look out for great deals on travel websites during Cyber Monday because it’s not just products that you could buy for cheap. Book a holiday, take a break from work or simply book something for cheap which you can always choose to confirm later in the month or next year after Christmas celebrations come to an end. Same offers can be found on hotel bookings as well as local vendors in the destination you plan to travel.

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