Will Flagship Android Smartphones Soon Lose to Budget Phones?

Will Flagship Android Smartphones

The world of Android smartphones is rapidly changing as users are bombarded with too much hardware than what they actually need and most are not interested to spend $700 or even more to own a flagship phone because even the entry level phones nearly do the same right?

Long gone are the days when flagship models like the Nexus phones were the only ones to receive latest Android updates and stay zippy with the processes. One of the most prominent chipmakers, Qualcomm has come a long way with their Snapdragon processors and when you compare the entry level 400 series chipset with that of the flagship 800 series chips, the basic processes almost remain the same when there is enough RAM to support multiple tasks on a smartphone.

Will Flagship Android Smartphones Soon Lose to Budget Android Phones

The evolution came with the realization that people who can’t afford top of the line devices in many countries were the untapped market Android wanted to cater to. So, they started making better batteries, improved camera and capacitive touchscreenwhich would last for years without having to replace them at any point.

While statistics are yet to be revealed, it is evident and repeatedly confirmed by multiple manufacturers that in the next few years, millions or even billion smartphones sold will be priced between $50 to $500 which is considered the mid-range segment. In other words, it will completely disrupt the flagship market which doesn’t interest the average buyer at any point despite all the gimmicks like a bezel less display, 120HZ display, audio DAC or wireless charging. Besides, they just started removing the 3.5mm audio jack right?

Will Flagship Android Smartphones Soon Lose

From a customer’s perspective, flagship phones are a waste of money because they offer the same millions of Android apps through the Google Play Store, similar battery life, features and just does everything “better”! The days of Samsung’s own chips and MediaTek is long gone as only the good ones have survived the intense competition that got rid of heating phones, blasting hardware and other prominent issues of the past.

Most users want to use their Android phone to keep in touch, send messages, check bank accounts and browse the internet. An entry level smartphone or a slightly expensive device which is less than $500 could more often get the job done. Besides, Android has reached a saturation point as most people will be happy with the existing features than having to change their phones again. So, what’s the fate of the flagship Android phones? Maybe, the manufacturers are asking the same question right now.

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