The Last of Us 2 Will Have a Riveting Storyline, Assures Naughty Dog

The Last of Us

A brand new trailer for the Last of Us 2 was released and it was a surprising announcement that fans never expected.

Those who were worried if it will be as good as the original can put their woes to rest.

Naughty Dog’s head Neil Druckmann spent a lot of time talking about the game and its sequel. In this new game, the trailer showed a grownup Ellie who’s still the proactive girl with an amazing attitude but is more mature and capable of handling the situation. A lot of things about the storyline has been kept hidden so as to keep the surprise intact. However, the tone of the trailer, the music and the fact that we could actually play The Last of us 2 again was simply delightful to know.

The Last of Us

The interview took place during the Playstation Experience panel where Druckmann asked fans to trust him and the studio that has delivered some of the best titles in the past. The newest game sports Ellie as a 19 year-old teenager and even though some may feel that the great end that the original left could be spoiled with a sequel, it will be worth your time and will deliver an equally impressive time.

“When the possibility of going forward with a sequel popped in, we had lots of questions. Revisiting those memorable characters and the ending was no easy task. Besides, we knew it will spoil the ending of the first game and reveal a lot. We love those characters as much as you do. The world is something we trust in and this is just doubling it with a new setup. We believe in it lots and so should you,” he said.

Sharing more about The Last of Us 2, the director explained that they tried lots of new characters but the game never felt the same. Ellie was so important to the storyline and the narrative that they had to bring them both back to say what they wanted to in the best possible manner.

The Last of Us 2

In the new game, players will spend majority of their time controlling Ellie unlike the first one. Joel does have a role to play in the narration but Ellie being a much more mature girl and an adult knows how to make decisions this time around. The excitement is so high for the game already and will only grow with time.

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