Google Chrome 55 Bids Goodbye to Adobe Flash Player – Hello HTML5

It has been coming for quite some time now, but it is finally here! Google Chrome 55 is the first version of this famous browser to drop the integration of Adobe Flash Player in favor of the more advanced HTML5.

Many companies and websites were slowly making the switch and in fact, Google’s YouTube is already using HTML5 to play videos and other content on the platform – it was just a matter of time before Google Chrome got the same update.

This shift from Adobe Flash Player to HTML5 was confirmed back in May 2016, but it is the latest release of Google Chrome 55 that has finally implemented the changeover. Of course, you will still come across websites that are Flash-only, meaning Flash Player will still be needed, but as for the rest, the web browser will now default to HTML5. Users will also be prompted to enable Flash Player on websites that are ranked among the top 10, meaning that the transition is not yet complete. With HTML5, Google Chrome 55 and newer versions of this web browser are expected to deliver better performances, enhanced security as well as faster load times when browsing the web.

Adobe Flash Player has been a target for many hackers and malicious codes – something that led to former Apple CEO Steve Jobs championing for the discontinuation of the media player. The player is known for its bugs and vulnerabilities, something that the developer tries to address with regular updates but there has been little to no success.

Google Chrome version 55


The loss of Google Chrome, which is basically the largest web browser in the world at the moment, it another huge blow for Adobe Flash Player, however, it also shows how good HTML5 has become. Even though the move is confirmed, not all devices using Google Chrome have already received the latest version 55. In fact, only desktops have the update, but smartphone users of Chrome are still waiting for the update to show up.

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