LastPass is the Next in the Bandwagon to Offer a Few of Its Premium Services For Free to the Users

LastPass Amazing Services

It seems like the tech world is on a spree to offer all the popular features for free.

It all started with Instapaper, the popular read-it-later app, which made its premium features available to all the users for free without a subscription fee. Following the same path is LastPass, which has also decided to offer a few of its premium services for free across all the platforms. However, one notable difference in between Instapaper and LastPass’s offers are that while Instapaper have made all its premium services free or the users, LastPass still has a few features that has been kept reserved exclusively for its premium subscribers.


Previous Subscriptions

LastPass, which is considered as one of the best password management tools, was made available to the users for free for all the tablets and smartphones recently in August, with the company knocking off the $12 annual fee, which was charged for the premium support from the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone clients. The app was also made available for free for the users who were using it on the desktop. The users paid an annual subscription fee of $12 for the Premium account and an annual subscription fee of $24 per user for an Enterprise account.

The popular password manager app helps the users to save their passwords and also allows them to sync them across different devices very easily for quick availability. Previously, the users had to pay a small subscription fee of $1 per month to avail the service of syncing the passwords in between different devices on all the platforms which the user uses like in between a smartphone and a desktop, or in between a smartphone and a tablet. But from now on, they can do the same for free without having to pay the fee.

The company had reported in a blog post that by offering LastPass without a subscription fee to the users across their devices, the company is looking forward to making it easier for everyone to inculcate good password habits. The norm is that when the users have a password manager which is always there right with them everywhere they go, then they are bound to have a strong foundation for taking control and to secure their identity. The company said that with a free account, the users will be able to digitally generate passwords, and have a one-time password as well as enable a multi-factor authentication.

Amazing Services for the Premium Subscribers

It is worth noting that the Premium subscribers of LastPass will have their paid trial accounts getting automatically converted to a free account. However, they can continue to enjoy all the exclusive services like the priority customer support, fingerprint identification for the desktops, family password sharing feature which allows sharing of password credentials with up to 5 other people, and other additional two-factor authentication features like YubiKey, apart from the free services like the automated filling of logins and forms, and digital record-keeping of all the secure notes. The Premium subscribers will get an additional 1 GB of encrypted file storage.

LastPass Amazing Services

Though the free version of the LastPass app will come loaded with advertisements, the premium subscribers are sure to get an ad-free version of the password managing app. One important thing that the users of this app should note is that though the password managers do provide additional security to the users and their data, it is not completely breach-proof and there are potential chances of the passwords getting hacked. Last year, LastPass had suffered a hack, where the hackers had made off with the e-mail addresses, encrypted master passwords, and password reminders.

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