Pokemon Sun and Moon to be Made Available for a Nintendo 3DS Release in November   

Pokemon Sun and Moon games

Pokemon has become a top favorite among people of all age groups.

As a result, various games with different challenges have been developed over the years with this character. The latest additions to this series are the Pokemon Sun and Moon games scheduled for a mid November release. As the launch date for this game draws closer, well-known online retailer Amazon has started accepting pre-orders for the same at slightly discounted rates. The discount can be availed by any online customer even if he or she is not an Amazon Prime member. However, it must be kept in mind that the final cost does not include shipping charges. The games will be available in more languages than the previous games. Trailers have made their presence felt on various websites to make the wait of Pokemon fans more worthwhile.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Among the seven generations of Pokemon offered so far, these two are supposed to be the best and can pose to be a serious threat even to the strongest Pokemon from its other games. Like its predecessors, the Sun and Moon games have a strong Pokemon, legendaries and fire, grass and water type starters although they are not the same. These games also have a series of new characters and a new map that is interestingly based on an actual location apart from other new features. The Pokemon Sun and Moon games have their settings based in Alola which bears resemblance to the famous islands of Hawaii. So, you can hope to come across a lot of sunny climes, palm trees and beaches on the trails in your terrain as you go about catching various creatures. The settings for both the games are set at a time interval of 12 hours from each other.

The strong Pokemon has been named Tapu Bulu and can manipulate vegetation with its wooden horns at its will. For example, using its horns, this Pokemon can either make the vegetation bigger or alter its shape. The grassy surge ability of the Tapu Bulu needs special mention in this regard. When this Pokemon arrives at the battlefield, it can use the grassy surge ability to convert the area into a grassy terrain. While it boosts the power of grass type moves, it also succeeds in lessening the damage due to perils like bulldoze and earthquake to half of its original intensity. However, these changes make their impact only on those Pokemons that are on ground level and do not change the levitating and flying characters in any way.

Other than the old starters, the new entrants in the starters arena are the Rowlet, Litten and Popplio belonging to the flying grass, fire and water types respectively. On the legendaries front, the new comers are Solgaleo in the Sun game and Lunala in the Moon game, and are psychic type characters. The Solgaleo is a fully metal steel type character with a great sunsteel strike move, and can change itself into a radiant sun phase. The Lunala is a ghost type character with a strong moonbeam and the ability to shield itself from shadows. This character can change itself into a full moon phase.

Apart from the above prominent debut characters, there are various new Pokemons that you can expect in these games with their count ranging anywhere from 70 to 150. Some of the classic characters have been assigned Alola forms that allow them to change into other forms. A new bear and a ghost or fairy type character called Kiteruguma or Mimikkyu have been newly introduced. Oricorio is a new bird that can change its type based on the island that it is located in. There is also a Pokemon called Yungoos that has the style of a mongoose.

With the Pokemon Sun and Moon games, you can scan QR codes to register the Pokemon data in the Pokedex database. Based on your catches, you can also create codes and share them with your buddies. The newly introduced Battle Royale mode allows four players to compete with one another to capture the maximum number of Pokemons. The strategy lies in guessing which player will attack whom to claim the Pokemons and make his or her way to the top. Trainers are benefitted greatly with a horde of new customization options that include the possibility to decide on the skin tone, as well as hair color and skin.

Pokemon Sun and Moon games

According to a news report in Techno Buffalo, hard core gamers who and pre-ordered a digital copy through the Nintendo 3DS online store can download the games before their actual release. But, in order to sustain the excitement till the release, they will continue to be released till the date of the official launch. Players must keep in mind the fact that they may have to upgrade their memory cards to save the digital copy. Given the fact that they take up more than 3.2GB space, you will have to set aside at least a considerable amount of more than 4GB space to accommodate both the game and its saved file. This is irrespective of whether you choose the Pokemon Sun or the Pokemon Moon.

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