Latest Apple iOS 9.3.2 Fixes Error 56 Bug on iPad Pro

iOS 9.3.2

It is now two weeks since Apple unveiled iOS 9.3.2, an update that came in with fixes to a number of errors that were seen in the previous version.

While coming in with solutions, the new iOS 9.3.2 also brought with it a bad side. Those using the updated OS on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro came out to air their disappointment with the OS, which they claimed bricked their devices. Later on, this bug was baptized “Error 56” due to the message that was shown on the screen upon an iPad Pro being bricked following the update.

Users of this device were asked to connect it to iTunes, but there was not help as they were told that their phones could not be restored. While some owners of the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro were able to get newer devices to replace the bricked ones, others were not so lucky to do so. If you are one of the latter users, Apple has come to your rescue with a new iOS 9.3.2 update that basically fixes this Error 56.

This is great news for those who were faced with this issue, especially after numerous complaints hit the company’s Support page as well as Twitter account. Surprisingly, this is not the first time this new iOS 9.3 has had issues. It has happened before in a move that forced Apple to terminate an ongoing rollout in order to stop issues related to activation for older iPads that required resetting of Apple ID passwords.

iOS 9.3.2

The latest iOS 9.3.2 comes with build number 13F72 – an update that is available via OTA by going to Settings>General>Software update or directly from iTunes.

Since Error 56 was only seen on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, those using this tablet could not access the first public beta of iOS 9.3.3. However, now that it has been fixed, it is possible that the second public beta of this OS will be availed on this tablet.

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