Samsung’s $180 Gear Fit 2 to Challenge Fitbit Blaze, Xiaomi Targeting Low-End Market with Mi Band 2

Samsung Gear Fit 2

As the summer months’ begin kicking in, Samsung has unveiled a new fitness tracking device that is targeting to outdo the market leader in this segment – Fitbit.

The new Samsung Gear Fit 2 does more than just count the number of steps you make in a day as well as track your sleep. It comes with support for location-based services thanks to the fact that it has GPS sensors that ensure runners and cyclists get the most accurate measurements for distance and pacing.

This is unusual for a $180 fitness tracker to be equipped with GPS. Such features are associated with high-end units such as the Fitbit Surge, which will set you back about $250. To make things even better, you save about $20 for buying a new Samsung Gear Fit 2 over a new Fitbit Blaze, yet the latter still doesn’t support GPS functionality.

One probably setback the Gear Fit 2 has is the fact that unlike Fitbit, it is only compatible with Android devices. This means that iPhone users cannot make use of this device, which might somehow limit the device’s sales. Besides, owners of this device will be able to do some extra things with it, for instance, reply to messages, something that is essentially associated with smartwatches such as the Gear S2 or Apple Watch.

If you live in the U.S., preorders for this new Samsung Gear Fit 2 begin Friday, but shipments will take place a week later.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

Samsung is trying to compete in a market it has done poorly by offering a device with high-end specs for a cut price. According to the latest IDC stats, Fitbit shipped up to 4.8 million devices as compared to Samsung’s 700,000.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is now official

While Samsung is vying for a position in the top-end market, Xiaomi is keeping its profile low, doing what it has always done best. There is a new Xiaomi Mi Band 2 in town, a third generation activity tracker that comes in to take the place of the two-year-old Xiaomi Mi Band.

The new fitness tracker comes with quite a number of new features, but these are highlighted by the likes of an OLED display panel, optical heart-rate sensor, and a reported 20-day battery life. In addition to these, you will still get the usual sleep, calorie as well as step trackers on board.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 2

There is some uniqueness in the new Mi Band 2. It can get into your Xiaomi phone and provide you with notifications available on the device and interestingly, the band will tell you to get going just in case it detects that you have been sitting for too long.

Unlike the Samsung Gear Fit 2 or Fitbit Blaze, you get the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for just $23. The Mi Band 2 will start selling in China as from June 7, but there is no word on its availability on the international front.

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