Latest Apple Leak Shows Off an All-Glass iPhone 8

iPhone 8

Even though the iPhone 7 is what should be featuring in discussions, the latest revelations about next year’s supposed iPhone 8 are worth mentioning.

With this year’s version of the iPhone considered to be a slight disappointment considering its complete lack of innovation and top-class upgrades, all eyes are set on the iPhone 8 – the phone that will mark Apple’s 10th anniversary into the smartphone business.

Apparently, news coming from Japan claim that Apple has something rather controversial already in development. According to a Nikkei report, Apple is making use of Foxconn Technology to come up with an all-glass iPhone 8 chassis, representing the company’s most radical design changes ever. This continues to favor the streak of leaks that has been pointing towards a 2016 iPhone 7 that will come without all the “good stuff,” all of which have been preserved for the 2017 iPhone 8.

In the report, Nikkei claims that the Foxconn Technology Group has been trying glass chassis over the past year, but this news cannot be confirmed either way. Still, what does having a glass chassis mean for the iPhone 8? Unlike the previous iPhone 4S and even iPhone 4 or Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note models from 2015 and 2016 that have glass on the back of the phones, the iPhone 8 will feature a glass design on both the front and back, including the sides.

iPhone 8

This is not the first time such news of an all-glass iPhone 8 is showing up. KGI Securities’ analyst Ming-Chi Kuo once said the same back in April and considering his reputation as an Apple analyst, it is possible that this all-glass chassis could indeed be in the making. One question that begs answers is how exactly Apple will ensure that the glass material doesn’t break into a million pieces when the phone drops on a hard surface.

So, why go back to the old glass material? Well, one major reasoning behind this is that Apple wants the iPhone 8 to include wireless charging, a feature that is not possible with the use of all-metal designs. In addition, the iPhone maker wants to put an end to the ugly antenna lines since glass allows signals to pass through. There have also been reports of an edge display in the works, which should also carry Samsung’s AMOLED technology along with it, but none of these has been confirmed by Apple.

We’ll keep an eye on the matter and bring you the latest updates. Keep following us.

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