Latest Google Chrome update adds the Smart Text Selection feature from Android Oreo to other devices

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With a new Android OS, there is always something interesting and with Android Oreo, there’s the Smart Selection feature.

For the uninitiated, the Smart Text Selection feature, as the name suggests, is a tool that eliminates the dirty work involved when trying to select, copy or even paste text on Android devices. You might be looking for a company’s phone number or address on Chrome. If Smart Text Selection is enabled, you only need to double tap or hold the text and you’ll see a set of actions you can do.

For instance, if you select a phone number, the actions may include making a phone call to the number in question or maybe show you directions to the place via Google Maps. Unlike before where the process of selecting text on an Android device needed a manual hassle, the Smart Text Selection feature is automated and thus is highlights the entire segment of text.

Until now, the Smart Text Selection feature was exclusive to those using Android Oreo. However, after the latest update to Google Chrome 63, the mobile version has not only received new flags and revamped the user interface, but there is also the new Smart Text Selection feature. So, instead of manually copying and pasting text on your Android phone, this tool will do it automatically by identifying the app that is associated with the highlighted text.

Google Chrome 63 started rolling out this week and it’s already available for download via the Google Play Store, but of course, not all regions will get it at the same time. In short, it will be rolling out gradually over the coming week or weeks for that matter. Besides the Smart Text Selection feature, the updated Chrome also brings address bar auto-completion alongside the usual performance and stability enhancements.

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