World’s Most Popular iOS Apps and Games in 2017, Apple Gives You the List

World’s Most Popular iOS Apps in 2017, Apple Gives

Apple has officially released their year end list and it looks awesome, especially for iOS fans who have been looking forward to the most popular iOS apps and games in 2017 so that they could download the ones they could have missed.

The month of December has just begun but the technology companies and entertainment critics are already busy analysing the year that has gone by. Be it the big flagship smartphone launches like the Galaxy S8 or the iPhone X, the biggest apps and console launches of the year with the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X it has been a pretty strong and innovative year of them all.

In comes Apple ready to showcase their best iOS apps of the season. The company lists everything right from popular games, apps, books, music and movies that witnessed the maximum number of sales in 2017.

World’s Most Popular Games in 2017, Apple

The best of the lot award goes to Calm, an app that has been specifically designed to help people sleep peacefully and also teach them new meditation techniques so as to relax their mind.The puzzle game Splitter Critter has managed to become the most sold game this year and not without a reason. The game is very addictive, has so many levels to explore and importantly, the developers didn’t push a free to play model. Instead, they allowed gamers to make a purchase and enjoy it to their heart’s content.

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iOS apps are not only limited to the smaller iPhones because Apple took the time to list the best selling apps on their iPad tablet. While the tablet era has been slowly waning into abyss, Apple continues to enjoy a good run along with Samsung in this department because they are the only available product as everyone has already backed off from the competition.

World’s Most Popular iOS Apps and Games in 2017, Apple Gives You the List

Affinity Photo app has sold the most on the iPad while the Witness, a puzzle based exploration game has won the best game of the year award among the tablet users. It has been designed with high resolution and large devices in mind which could have led to its popularity on the bigger iPad device than the smaller iPhones.

The most downloaded apps also include Super Mario Run, Bitmoji and a couple of other games as well as some free apps. Overall, 2017 has been a great year for Apple in terms of app sales and their hardware the iPhone 8 and iPhone X which got launched recently is expected to have a good run in the following months.

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