Latest Google Chrome update lets you view saved passwords, adds new flags page and tweaks to Chrome Home UI

Chrome for Android

Google Chrome has just been updated for all Android users and it now carries software version 62, which can be downloaded and installed directly via the Google Play Store.

As you’d expect from an updated version of an app, the latest Google Chrome app has a bunch of new features. For starters, users of the app will now be able to see their saved passwords, a feature that has previously been limited to the desktop version of the browser.

When you create an account on a website using Google Chrome as your browsing application, you have the option to save both your username and password to ease the process of logging in the next time you visit the same page. Unlike before where users had to go to the official Google passwords page in order to view their saved passwords, the updated version of Chrome now lets you view them through Settings>Saved passwords.

Here, you will come across a list of websites where you’ve saved your passwords and checking them out only requires you to tap on them. When you tap, a lock screen will pop up asking you to enable in order to gain access to this sensitive information. Google has disabled the ability to capture screenshots of passwords for security purposes.

If you are okay with using the beta version of the app, which is currently on v63, there is, even more, to enjoy from the Chrome app. Chrome Home, the bottom address bar design, has just received some final touches, where the previously disabled “Modern UI for Chrome Home” seems to be getting closer to action. The latest version has some flags that suggest Chrome Home is almost ready for a wider rollout.

According to Android Police’s APK teardown, the updated Google Chrome has a new Chrome Home Promo flag whose description implies users will be able to toggle the new Chrome on and off. Users will also be able to take a survey the first time they choose to disable Chrome Home.

Google Chrome for Android has three options for displaying a site. The default one (browser) opens the site in a new browser tab while standalone option opens the site with a status bar and no browser UI. As for the third option, you get to view the site in fullscreen, but with the latest Chrome 63, there’s a fourth option – Minimal UI.

This is where users of Chrome will be able to see a site that looks like a Chrome Custom Tab, a feature that is already supported on Mozilla Firefox 57 for Android. Apparently, this mode will help those who want to view and easily access the URL of the current site.

Note that only version 62 of Google Chrome for Android can be downloaded directly from the Play Store. As for the latest beta, you can get it via the APK Mirror for free, but you’ll have to do a manual installation, which is quite easy.

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