Latest Google Maps update allows users to explore over a dozen planets and moons

Google Maps

While there are plans to relocate some of the Earth’s population to our planetary neighbor, we are probably dozens of years away from getting lost in our trips between planets.

To help you get a glimpse of how life is on the other side, Google Maps has just received a new feature that shows off more than a dozen of our favorite neighboring planets and moons using half a million images captured by spacecrafts such as Cassini.

It is now possible to use Google Maps to zoom out of planet Earth and into other planets and moons, and thus possible to recreate the trips made by the many spacecrafts that have made it to several of these planets and moons. The feature labels images of the moon, Mercury, Venus, Pluto as well as the International Space Station. You will also see a number of icy moons that orbit planets such as Saturn and Jupiter.

Google Maps

A few hours after the update about Google Maps was made, planetary scientist Emily Lakdawalla pointed out that a number of the icy moon maps had their names and images off by up to 180 degrees, but this should be rectified anytime soon.

Originally, Google Maps was developed to help s navigate the drylands, it has since expanded to include the oceans, volcanoes and now outer space has joined the party. With this addition, Google wants you to travel to other worlds, allowing you to explore, learn as well as enjoy the adventure of “traveling” to these neighboring planets and moons.

From the more than 12 new worlds that Google has added to Maps, you can simply pick one from the provided list and start zooming out of Earth until you hit the outer space. The universe is right at your fingertips. Cool huh!


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